Max Ehrich FLIPPED OUT Over Demi Lovato's Innocent 'Unengaged' Joke At The People's Choice Awards!

It feels like an eternity ago, but do y’all remember how Demi Lovato virtually hosted the People’s Choice Awards at the start of this week?

Vintage 2020 s**t, right? Anyway, she did host the show, and she killed it, with a stellar opening monologue about the pandemic and what she did with her time in quarantine. And now, days later, ex-fiancé Max Ehrich has weighed in. Oh, God…

To be fair, Ehrich jumped into the fray this time — albeit a few days late — because Lovato did indirectly mention him during the even. You’ll recall she joked about how she “got unengaged,” laughing about how her lockdown was “basically the same as everyone else.”

Here’s the moment on video, ICYMI (below):

Yeah, so, it’s funny!

And it definitely needed to be acknowledged, considering her engagement-and-then-unengagement was the story of an otherwise drama-starved summer as the whole world sat at home.

But Max is not having it!!! On Instagram on Thursday night, after the Confident singer posted another stunning shot of her brand new ‘do, the Southern Gospel star went off in the comments section, as you can see (below):

Oh noooooo! Max, dude, what are you thinking?! Let it go, man!

Then again, he’s quite literally never let things go after his super-abrupt split from the New Mexico-born songstress back in September, so why should anything change now??

As if ignoring him for months now wasn’t a big enough clue, Demi’s new hairstyle is a dead giveaway that she’s moved on completely. We just wish we could say the same for the spurned actor, who nevertheless still manages to make headlines with antics like this one. Never forget, too, how he tried to stage pics with a new girl last month only to have it backfire horribly on social media. It’s clear this is a PR battle he’s just not going to win!

What say you about all this Instagram comment craziness, Perezcious readers?! Way over the top or hilariously perfect for this s**t storm of a year?? Is Max finally done commenting about the split? Will we inevitably hear from him a hundred more times??

Sound OFF with your take about everything down in the comments (below)!!!

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