Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey are Instagram official after dating for two months


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Lori Harvey is 23 years old, beautiful and rich. I believe this should be the goal for many young women: date whomever you want without apology or explanation, and get out while the getting is good. Date like a man, get your rocks off and be adored. Know your own worth. Well, last November, we learned that Lori had moved from Puff Daddy to… Michael B. Jordan, the reigning Sexiest Man Alive. MBJ took Lori to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and that was the first and last thing we heard about them before now.

Maybe two months into their relationship (for all we know), MBJ has made it Instagram-official with Lori. They both posted visual confirmations of their relationship – he posted two poorly-lit photos on his Instagram because he wants people to know that he’s locked it down. Lori also posted a visual confirmation that MBJ adores her. Honestly, I wish I was Lori Harvey. Pretty, great body, moving in and out of relationships like a shark. She’s badass. And she got MBJ to do something I don’t think he’s ever done before: include his girlfriend on his social media. It’s a big step. He must really love her. Y’all know she’ll probably dump him by the summer though, right? That’s her M.O. She’ll want to have a single Hot Girl Summer.


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Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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