Mickey Guyton Reflects On Being First Black Woman To Perform Solo At ACM Awards

Mickey Guyton made her solo ACM Award performance debut on Wednesday night with “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” featuring surprise guest Keith Urban on piano.

It was a historic moment at the ACM Awards, as Guyton became the first Black female singer to perform solo on an ACM Awards stage.

Speaking after the show, Guyton said that the only reason why she felt that she could pursue country music was because she saw another Black woman singing country music named Rissi Palmer.

“And if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here. So me standing on that stage, representing just women of color period, it shows them that they have the opportunity too and that they can sing whatever kind of music they want to sing. It doesn’t just have to be just R&B. If they want to sing country music, they can and they will be accepted by this beautiful community,” she told reporters.

“To just stand here and sing such a polarizing song on the ACM Awards about protecting our future, protecting our daughters, protecting women because we’re so important and we matter,” the 37-year-old singer said.

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