Molly-Mae Hague says warped face made her look like X Box controller after too much filler

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed she looked like an "X Box controller" after her face became "warped" following too much filler.

The Love Island star, who said she'd rather focus on making money than having a large group of pals, admitted that her family were forced to intervene and stop her after she went too far with the cosmetic enhancements.

Speaking on the podcast, The Diary of a CEO, Molly-Mae recalled the moment her sister Zoe informed her that her fillers did not look good.

"It was actually only until my sister said to me, she was like, 'We need to sort this out'. It took her to tell me," the 22 year old said.

Molly added: "I was at a PA in a club, and she texted me and said, 'I need to talk to you about the filler. It's too much now. It's enough. You need to stop'.

"People used to say Quagmire, or I looked like an Xbox controller. My face was that warped."

Molly added that getting filler was like "going to the gym", and looking back now, she found it "terrifying" how normalised aesthetic procedures like filler have become.

The PrettyLittleThing Creative Director began getting fillers at 16 after she saw other girls on her social media feed getting them done.

After going too far with fillers, Molly-Mae was trolled online due to the shape of her jaw before deciding to make a change.

Back in July, Molly-Mae admitted she's had her face fillers dissolved in a bid to become more "natural".

She made the confession on her YouTube channel as she explained she's still trying to correct her past mistakes.

"I randomly actually ended up getting some filler dissolved in my face this morning. I feel like I'm still definitely going through the process of trying to make everything still as natural as I possibly can because I made that many mistakes when I was younger that I'm still genuinely trying to correct them now," she said.

Molly added: "Still on the natural journey. Still on the road to getting things more natural, which I'm so, so happy I've done."

In October last year, Molly showed off her new lips after getting her fillers dissolved.

Speaking candidly about getting cosmetic enhancements, she admitted on YouTube: "I've just made so many mistakes when it's come to filler and work done on my face, and I'm slowly starting to reverse it all."

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