Moscow PD Debunks Online Rumors About Murder Of 4 College Students

The Moscow PD just gave a much-anticipated update on the brutal killing of the 4 University of Idaho students … and while a lot is still unanswered, cops used the time to shut down rumors that have been floating online.

Moscow PD Captian Roger Lanier spoke to the public Wednesday — saying his team has started to cross names off the suspect list — as many online begin to point fingers at multiple people surrounding the incident.

Captain Lanier says investigators are officially ruling out the 2 surviving roommates as suspects, same goes for the man seen in the food truck video that’s been circulating on social media.

Also removed from PD’s watch — the drivers who took the victims home from their events hours before the slaying, and the friend who received frantic calls from 21-year-old Kaylee Goncalves before her death.

Lanier also said they have yet to determine if Kaylee ever had a stalker — but adds they are still looking into these claims. Rumors about victims being tied or gagged were also found by police to be false, too.

Moscow Mayor Tyler Palmer spoke during the press conference … but began to get emotional, having to pause when talking about the 4 students.

Still a bunch of unanswered questions, the suspect has yet to be found, and cops still won’t say who made the 911 call to police, but add dispatch spoke to multiple people on the phone.

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