Mrs Hinch slams body-shamers as shes forced to deny shes pregnant with emotional reply

Mrs Hinch has hit back at online body-shamers who speculated that she could be pregnant.

The Internet sensation, 33, slammed trolls who called her 'chubbier' as she shared a screenshot of messages she received from users who questioned whether she was expecting.

In a candid caption, Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, pointed out that she's 'no longer a size 8' but hinted that the intrusive comments are making it harder for her to go online and talk to her fans.

The cleaning star, who gave birth to her oldest son Ronnie in 2019 and her second son Lennie, in 2021, added that she's trying to feel 'content' with herself.

Posting on her Instagram Stories, Mrs Hinch showed her followers an example of the insensitive messages she's received.

One user questioned: "Are you having a baby xxx"

While another shared: "You are chubbier, because you are a mum and meals matter."

Responding to the comments and shutting down any pregnancy speculation, Mrs Hinch shared an honest insight into how the messages made her feel.

Writing on top of the Instagram Story, she said: "Just before I go to bed, Nope I'm not pregnant, I'm not having a baby, I'm just no longer a size 8.

"And that's that. I'm just trying to feel content as I am, come on camera and chat more…but it's just not happening.

"Not sure what else to say on this topic anymore."

Mrs Hinch has been incredibly candid about her body battles in the past and revealed in her autobiography that she had lost eight stone after undergoing a gastric band surgery when she was 21.

Back in July, the mum-of-two issued a heartfelt update on her approach to dealing with internet trolls, and feelings of anxiety.

The mum of two penned a lengthy reply to share how she copes with her career in the public eye.

She penned: "Sometimes it does still overpower me but I’ve learnt so much over the past four years, I don’t know if this is 'right' or necessarily great advice but I literally live every day for the health of my family, friends and my animals.

"When I see they are all okay my strength is there. I feel okay. Also I hardly ever leave my house, I have issues there [crying laughing emoji] I work from home six days a week, my home is my comfort place."

The cleaning whizz then revealed she’s deleted Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

She continued: "I scrapped the lot. Oh and I never search my name on the internet [upside down face] I only ever read what I see in my messages on here because they are so beautiful, my true followers. And for these reasons I go to bed at night content and grateful (but still 'itchy' and anxious some nights) but that’s just who I am and that’s okay too."

It comes after Stacey Solomon announced she's invited her long-time friend Mrs Hinch to join her on her hit TV show Sort Your Life Out which sees the mum-of-five help transform the lives of many families and give a budget-friendly makeover.

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