Nick Cannon and Richard Spencer Involved in Heated Argument About Columbus Day

In one of its episodes of his podcast, Nick and the white nationalist discuss Columbus Day and people who celebrate the national holiday dedicated to the Italian explorer.

AceShowbizNick Cannon has been inviting influential and controversial figures to his podcast “Cannon’s Class”. In one of its episodes, Nick had white nationalist Richard Spencer as they discussed Columbus Day and people who celebrated the national holiday dedicated to the Italian explorer.

“I still don’t understand why there’s a holiday,” “The Masked Singer” said to Richard. To that, Richard, a prominent white supremacist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, responded, “Because he’s amazing.”

Nick then fired back, saying that “Christopher Columbus is a bedtime story.” Defending the explorer, who discovered America, and enslaved natives and committed atrocities in the process. Defending Columbus, Richard likened him to the Haitian revolution. “They were killing women and children,” Richard added.

Nick, however, defended the Haitian revolution, saying that the Africans “were killing people because they were enslaved.” He went on to say, “You were treating them like property and animals so you know what, ‘F**k this, I can’t take it no more, I’m killing all y’all motherf***kers.’ I understand that!”

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“I understand that sentiment as well even if I don’t endorse it,” Richard replied. Nick then continued, “But Christopher Columbus, nobody was f***ing with him. He came and started f***ing with people. People were enjoying themselves and he brought famine, disease and just raped and pillaged everything.”

“But at some level, you have to own the blood and the guts,” Richard responded, prompting Nick to ask, “So why would you guys want to protect statues of losers who were clearly on the wrong side of history?” To that, Richard insisted, “Because they were great. Great losers!”

Prior to this, Nick was involved in a scandal over his anti-Semitic remarks in which he blasted while people, calling them savages among others. The controversy prompted ViacomCBS to cut ties with Nick back in July. The network canceled his hit variety show “Wild ‘n Out”.

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