Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen admits suffering ‘panic attacks’ over family concerns

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen talks about lockdown

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Amanda Owen, 46, has spoken candidly about the struggles she has been dealing with during the course of the coronavirus pandemic at her farm. The Our Yorkshire Farm star admitted that “there’s been a feeling in the air that things aren’t right” at Ravenseat, where she lives with her husband Clive Owen and their nine children. 

The star revealed she suffered “panic attacks” over ensuring her large family had enough food to eat during several national lockdowns.

However, the Yorkshire shepherdess also tried to look on the bright side of the tricky situation, as she has enjoyed getting the chance to spend more quality time with her family.

Detailing the “difficult and good parts” of lockdown in an interview with Welcome To Yorkshire, Amanda admitted: “This year has been a very strange year, of course, with lockdown.

“I’ve very much missed the people coming back – even though we live remotely and I suppose, as isolated as it gets, it really felt… there’s been a feeling in the air that things aren’t right.”

She added: “During lambing time, everything continued as normal because your focus is entirely on the sheep.”

Despite lambing season going on as normal for Amanda, she faced issues when lockdown restrictions didn’t fully lift in the summer.

The star explained that the family’s business suffered, as tourists and visitors didn’t arrive at the farm as usual.

She said: “But once we were past lambing time and into May, that’s usually when the tourists, the visitors come back and of course, they didn’t this year.


“So it presented its own kind of problems and issues.”

Detailing her concerns about putting food on the table at the time, Amanda divulged: “Of course, having nine children at home was one of the first ones and how much they actually consumed – I’d be having a panic attack every time I heard the fridge door go.”

Fortunately for the mum-of-nine, she found that the family’s resilience meant that they got through the tough times during lockdown.

Amanda added: “But we’ve got ourselves into the rhythm of it, we’re battling all the usual things we would be battling, the elements, the rain, the sunshine, you name it.

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“That is what we’re good at, being from Yorkshire, being farmers, we can turn our hands to anything.”

Amanda previously spoke out on her and her family’s future and whether or not they will continue living on Ravenseat farm.

The Our Yorkshire Farm star was quizzed on her plans while chatting to Poet Laureate Simon Armitage on BBC Radio 4.

Simon asked her about whether she and her husband Clive will continue to live at the farm, even if the couple’s nine children don’t want to become farmers.

Amanda admitted: “I don’t look that far ahead. 

“I say to the children they can be whatever they want to be and go wherever they want to go.”

She added: “And of course they go through stages where they’re more enthusiastic about the countryside, as they get older into their teens obviously they want to go away.

“Raven [Amanda’s eldest child] when she went to York, she was heading to the bright lights, couldn’t wait to get to a place where her phone worked and she could order a takeaway without it being cold and stuck to the paper – it’s all brilliant. 

“But you know within a month or two I’m getting text messages asking how to make Yorkshire pudding tins out of bean cans and can you prove a loaf of bread on a radiator when you haven’t got on open fire. 

“So it’s instilled into you the kind of life you lead in the countryside,” Amanda explained.

The couple are parents to nine children together, seven of whom still live at home.

Miles, 15; Edith, 12; Violet, ten; Sidney, nine; Annas, seven; Clemmy, five and Nancy, all still live in the Owen family home at Ravenseat while Amanda’s two eldest children have moved out.

20-year-old Raven is currently studying bio-medical science in York, while 16-year-old Reuben has started an apprenticeship as a mechanic.

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