Piers Morgan brands Meghan Markle Queen of woke as he vows to destroy cancel culture

Piers Morgan: Ofcom clears Meghan Markle comment complaints

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Piers Morgan, 56, has been cleared by media regulator Ofcom, which has rejected a record 58,000 complaints about his criticism of the Duchess of Sussex. The ex-Good Morning Britain host said he didn’t believe what Meghan Markle said in her Oprah Winfrey interview in March.

It comes as the Duchess herself was thought to have filed complaints with the regulator and ITV.

Piers has hailed his free speech victory as the broadcaster vowed to destroy cancel culture.

The outspoken journalist accused the “woke brigade” of shaming and vilifying individuals.

He argued that he should have the freedom to express his own opinions without the possibility of losing his job.

The ex-GMB host said Ofcom’s report was a “resounding defeat” against the Duchess.

Speaking in a new interview, Piers said: “The woke brigade think they can vilify, shame, silence and get fired anyone who has an opinion they don’t like.

“Meghan Markle is the queen of this culture, who personally sought to have me lose my job — and succeeded.”

He added to The Sun: “Why are she and Prince Harry entitled to have their opinion but I’m not entitled to mine?”

Piers described cancel culture as a form of fascism which he planned to campaign against.

“This cancel culture is a form of fascism that has to end,” he commented.

“I intend to continue leading the campaign against this insidious cancel culture, and to promote freedom of speech and freedom of expression.”

He confirmed that he is not endorsing hate speech or bigoted remarks but will be supporting freedom of speech.


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“But I am supporting the right of people to have their own opinions and not be shamed into losing jobs for holding honestly held opinions,” Piers explained.

“This is a landmark ruling in the battle for freedom of speech in the battle against woke cancel culture.”

In a statement by Ofcom, they said restricting his views would be a “chilling restriction” on free expression.

But it criticised his “apparent disregard” for the subject of suicide.

Ofcom said its decision was “finely balanced”, but that ITV had “provided adequate protection to viewers from potentially harmful and highly offensive statements about mental health and suicide”.

Piers received a record number of complaints about the comments he made during a March episode of GMB, that aired the day after Meghan and Prince Harry sat down with Oprah.

During the interview, the Duchess opened up about mental health and an unnamed Royal Family member who had queried “how dark” their son Archie’s skin might be.

At the time, Piers said he didn’t believe a word Meghan had said.

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