Piers Morgan SLAMS The Talk's Return As Sheryl Underwood Makes A Confession About Sharon Osbourne

The Talk is back, and so is Sheryl Underwood! And already the feud is getting heated again…

In case you somehow missed the hubbub, last month the ladies were discussing Piers Morgan and whether his take on Meghan Markle was racist when suddenly Sharon Osbourne got overly defensive not just of her friend but of herself, leading to a very tense convo.

Instead of taking advantage of the heat, the show went on hiatus for a whole month. They never even put the controversial segment on their YouTube channel!

During the break, more accusations came out — both about Sharon and by Sharon — and she ended up being ousted from the show, as expected.

Well, this week the remaining hosts finally came back to our screens and opened up about the controversy. The episode began with Sheryl introducing what she promised would be a very different version of the show. She said:

“We haven’t been together since Wednesday, March 10, and as you may know, during our break Sharon decided to leave The Talk.”

Oh, she decided to leave? Huh. That’s a way to put it.

She then explained the episode would be devoted to ONE hot topic as they tried “to process the events of that day and what happened since” so they could “get to the healing.”

“Over the next hour, we will honestly discuss what occurred and explore some of our feelings. And we’ll also show you how anyone can become more comfortable discussing important issues and having difficult conversations.”

We guess she means almost anyone can get comfortable having difficult conversations? That alllllllllmost feels like throwing shade on Sharon, but maybe not? Hmm.


For the actual talk, the ladies brought on guest Dr. Donald E. Grant, a diversity expert, to moderate.

With him leading the conversation, Sheryl claimed:

“I feel like I’ve been in, like, PTSD because it was a trauma.”


Speaking on her side of things that day, she described:

“I didn’t want to escalate things with Sharon because I thought I was having a conversation with a friend, but also I knew I had to be an example for others to follow because I didn’t want to perceived as the angry black woman, and that really scared me.”

Oof, we’ve definitely heard that before. There is so much racism out there, Black people are consistently held to a higher standard of behavior because they know they’re being judged more harshly by a certain segment of the population.

She said:

“I didn’t want to be that and I wanted to remain calm and remain focused, and it’s difficult to go back to that day because I just feel the trauma. I feel fearful, apprehensive.”

Well, she certainly did seem calm and focused that day, as opposed to Sharon, who immediately started lashing out. As host Elaine Welteroth put it, she “went off the rails into disrespect.” Hard to argue with that after she told Sheryl “don’t try and cry.”

As for the recent back-and-forth in which Sheryl claimed Sharon was lying about having reached out to her — only to see some receipts posted online — well, gurl admitted she was less than completely honest about that.

Sheryl explained to viewers she actually had gotten text messages from Sharon:

“I have not spoken to and do not have any phone calls, missed or received, that I can find in my phone, but there were text messages sent to me. And the reason that I did not speak about or acknowledge or even respond to those text messages, is because they were coming to me during the internal investigation, and I’ve never been through anything like this, so I didn’t know if you were supposed to communicate or not communicate while there’s an internal investigation.”

Wait, so she thought she maybe wasn’t allowed to talk to Sharon because of the internal investigation CBS was doing… but she was allowed to say Sharon hadn’t reached out on her podcast? Hmm, that doesn’t seem right to us…

She also said, however, that if she saw her former co-worker and friend on the street, and if Sharon greeted her warmly — she would do the same.

“When you’re friends with somebody, you stay friends.”

But then she turned around, and the very next words out of her mouth were:

“What did Maya Angelou say? ‘When people show you who they are, believe them.’”

Is it just us, or did that go right from saying she wants to stay friends to low-key implying Sharon is a racist again? That gave us whiplash, y’all!

As of this writing, the Osbournes matriarch has not responded to the episode, nor to Sheryl’s latest description of events. However, Piers Morgan, the man whose behavior Sharon was defending in the first place, did NOT hold back on Twitter!

He retweeted Sheryl’s introduction along with caption:

“What a shameless fraud.”

Along with the vomit emoji. He also responded to her comment about PTSD, saying simply:

Oh what a crock of s**t.”

Well, he’s clearly not interested in helping Sharon mend fences.

Speaking of fixing things, maybe Sheryl did regret something she said on the show today after all. While we were writing this recap, The Talk PULLED the clip from their YouTube channel and replaced it with an edited one in which Sheryl’s remarks were COMPLETELY cut out, and it cut right to Elaine’s comments instead! You can watch that (below):

What is going on over there? Did Sheryl not like the headlines that were coming out? Did she regret comparing her feelings to PTSD? Did she not like that her confession was included??

This is all just getting messier and messier, y’all. They may as well have come back that Thursday, along with Sharon, and hashed it out right then and there. As it is now, it seems the blood has only gotten badder — and there may be no way to heal at all anymore.

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