Piers Morgans son slams ‘sad low lives’ as he’s forced to defend luxury family holiday

Piers Morgan shares clip of lavish holiday in Antigua

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Piers Morgan and his sons jetted off on a luxury holiday to Antigua last week. However, now the former Good Morning Britain presenter’s eldest son Spencer Morgan, 28, has felt forced to defend their holiday.

Piers and his three boys have been documenting their trip to the Caribbean island over the past week.

They’ve been sharing snaps of crystal blue ocean and sandy beaches on their luxury getaway.

However, it seems they’ve also been receiving their fair share of criticism for jetting away.

Piers’ eldest son Spencer even felt compelled to take to social media to justify their trip.

He called out “sad lowlifes” in view of his 63,000 Twitter followers.

Spencer penned: “If there was ever proof that Twitter is full of sad lowlifes it’s the fact so many think it’s weird for three brothers to go on holiday with their dad once a year. I pity them.”

The broadcaster’s son then retweeted one of the messages he’d received with a sleeping emoji.

This came after someone wrote to him: “Try getting a job.”

However, some of Spencer’s other followers also defended his holiday.

One user wrote: “Probably don’t have kids.

“I’d be chuffed if my boys still come away with me when they’re your age. Fair play to you all.”

Another penned: “Take no notice, life can change in the blink of an eye for any one us, memories will be all we have left. (sic)

“There are many families who wish that they have the opportunities to holiday together, but can’t.

“Enjoy, have a great time.”

“What’s weird about a father taking his sons on holiday?” a third added.

“That’s what families are all about. Enjoy your time with your Dad.”

Piers and Spencer are currently on holiday with Stanley, 24, and Bertie, 20.

The family have headed to the five-star Jumby Bay Resort in the country.

Posting from a restaurant on the island, Piers wrote: “What a fantastic place… incredible views, fabulous food, superb service.

“Lives up to all the award-winning hype. Thanks @sheerrocks.”

He also shared a quote from Vincent Van Gogh along with a snap of him in a boat.

Piers penned: “‘The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too’ – Vincent Van Gogh.”

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