Priyanka Chopra Says Shell Never Do This With Husband Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra is dishing on working alongside her husband Nick Jonas!

The entertainer, who just celebrated her 40th birthday this week (July 18), and her hubby recently revealed that they have become investors and advisors in the fashion and sportswear brand Perfect Moment.

While they have teamed up together as producers, and now this fashion brand, many may be wondering if they would ever share the screen together.

Here’s what she revealed…

“I love working with Nick so you’ll see things happen as the years unfold,” Priyanka told Variety‘s Marc Malkin, adding, “We’re definitely developing a bunch of TV and film stuff together.”

However, there is one thing she said she won’t ever do with Nick

“I’ll never sing with him,” she said. When Marc noted that she’s also a singer, Priyanka replied, “Not like him! No chance. He’s a musical prodigy.”

The last bit of music Priyanka has released was in 2017, when she collaborated with Australian DJ Will Sparks on the song “Young and Free.” Check it out HERE!

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