Pussycat Doll’s Kimberly Wyatt and Max Rogers introduce newborn son as they reveal his unique name

Her family of four has expanded once more, but luckily Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt is very much used to being part of a five-piece group.

Kimberly and husband, model Max Rogers, already share daughters Willow, four, and Maple, two, and their latest addition is adorable son Ford Senna Rogers (who they call Senna).

Max, 37, revealed exclusively to OK! magazine how they decided on his unusual name: "I’ve always wanted the name Ford because my big career break was getting the cover of GQ with Tom Ford. Then my dad was a racing car driver, and so his middle name is Senna after F1 driver Ayrton Senna."

While Kimberly, also 37, added: "We had it chosen since before we were married. One sad thing about not having a boy would be we’d never get to use the name."

The couple are also glad their final baby was a boy as it was 'the last chance' to have one as they plan to have no more children.

Kimberly said: "For me, it was the most celebrated little penis I’ve ever had" with Max joking, "I’m down to second."

With the family now 'complete', Kimberly has made insurances to ensure they don't accidentally expand their family once more. "I had my tubes clamped," she stated. While Max interjected, "I’m having a vasectomy too – we’re not taking any chances."

Professional dancer Kimberly spoke about having decisions surrounding the birthing plan taken away from her.

"My first two babies were breech so I had to have Caesareans. Senna wasn’t breech, but as I’d had two I was advised not to give birth naturally. I had always hoped for a natural birth and it’s hard to have that choice taken away, but I accepted it."

Max chipped in: "As he wasn’t breech, it was a different experience because we saw him come up head first. On the other two births it was like, what is that? Have you been cooking ham?!"

Having a newborn baby, and three children under five didn't stop Kimberly heading back to work just five days after his birth on 11 October.

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Max said: "I feel incredibly proud of my wife, and how she does things her own way. Kimberly has done incredible things that other people are not capable of.

"In my opinion, she’s the best dancer that’s ever been, and that takes you doing stuff you’ve never done before. That’s the way she approaches everything."

While Kimberly explained: "He is fitting into our lives, rather than us entering the baby bubble like I have done with the other two.

"I couldn’t do it without Max. A real goal of ours is to set an example about marriage and love for our children. It’s hard not to just get lost in motherhood, career and ourselves so it’s important that we work on it."

Read Kimberly's full interview in this weeks' edition of OK! magazine – out, nationwide, Tuesday.

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