RHOM Plastic Surgeon Leonard Hochstein Legal Battle

Former The Real Housewives of Miami star and prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein has asked a judge to jail a former patient, The Blast has reported.

In legal documents, Hochstein, known as the “Boob God” of Miami, who appeared on two seasons of the Bravo reality TV show with his sexy wife Lisa, reportedly filed a motion for bodily attachment against Kristen LaPointe.

That asks the court to lock her up until she removes all negatives posts about the doctor as a part of a court order.

Leonard complains in the papers, “This Honorable Court has issued no less than three orders directing the defendants to not post any further comments concerning this matter. The most recent order is a default final judgment which included a permanent injunction barring them from posting.”

He added about LaPointe and another person in the case, “They have willfully violated this injunction by and through continuing to post knowing this default final judgment has been issued directing them not to.”

Hochstein wants to have all his attorney’s fees and costs paid as well after LaPointe allegedly violated multiple court orders.

The surgeon’s legal eagle claims LaPointe posted negative things about Hochstein “with the hopes of receiving a refund for the surgical procedure performed,” and he’s protecting his reputation.”

The case will resume next week in court.

Ex-housewife Lisa is known for her appearances in Playboy.

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