RS Recommends: This Video Doorbell Records Better-Than-HD Video For Just $105

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A video doorbell is one of the simplest tools for keeping an eye on the most vulnerable part of your property. Eufy’s Video Doorbell 2K is one of the best we’ve seen, and it’s currently $50 off on Amazon, bringing its price down to just $105. This is its lowest price ever.

Eufy’s video doorbell differentiates itself from the competition by offering 2K (better-than-HD) video recording. Having sharper video will make it easier to identify intruders as they approach your house. You’ll also have better evidence to present to the police if someone does break in. Most video doorbells record HD (1080p) video, which is still good, but not as good.

The Video Doorbell 2K’s high resolution video recording is complimented by a two-way microphone and speaker system that allows you to communicate with people you see on camera, and a night mode that ensures you’ll get quality video in a dark environment. The Video Doorbell 2K also has a motion sensor, which will send your phone a notification each time it’s triggered. Eufy says the camera uses AI to detect when it “sees” people, so you don’t get unnecessary notifications.


If you miss the motion alert notification, don’t worry. Eufy’s Video Doorbell 2K will record a video clip, and save it onto the device itself. Many video doorbells require you to pay a monthly fee to store video clips in the cloud, which makes the Video Doorbell 2K an even better deal.

Finally, the Video Doorbell 2K comes bundled with Eufy’s Chime, a traditional doorbell that will play one of eight programmable tunes when its button is pushed. Both the Video Doorbell 2K and Chime need to be connected to an existing doorbell’s power source to work. If you want to avoid that, you can pick up the battery-powered model for $199.99.

If you’re beefing up your home security system, and want an inexpensive way to keep tabs on the front of your property when you’re away, Eufy’s Video Doorbell 2K is an incredible value thanks to this deal.

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