Ryan Seacrest Explains His Chair Fall During ‘Live with Kelly’ on ‘Fallon’! (Video)

Ryan Seacrest paid a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (February 12) and opened up about his hilarious tumble from his chair during Live with Kelly and Ryan at the top of 2020.

“This is what I’ll be known for!,” the 45-year-old TV personality joked. “Normally we have these little balloons that fall down but they went big and got these grand, gorgeous, shiny, disco balloons that caught my eye when they first started to come down in the new year. I couldn’t stop staring so I’m trying to catch one of the balloons and then it happens.”

“What I realized is that we have this beautiful hardwood floor that clearly is just cement with a sticker on top,” Ryan said after Jimmy played a clip of the fall. “I fell hard, I got a bruise on my thigh. The show is called Live so we couldn’t do it again.”

Ryan also talked about the evolution of American Idol over nearly 20 years, the 2020 Oscars, and the sexy request Dr. Ruth made at their Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


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