Scott Disick Dragged For Dating Ultra-Young Models: Okay Groomer!

With his ex Kourtney Kardashian becoming a stepmom, Scott Disick has developed a very different relationship with a different teen girl.

(Amelia Hamlin did turn 20 last month)

This is part of a pattern of Scott’s going back for years, including numerous 19-year-old models like Sophia Richie.

Is it legal? Yes. But is Scott a creepy old man who’s grossing out the world by chasing super-young models? Twitter says yes.

Twitter has been abuzz with growing discomfort with Scott’s apparent predilection for girlfriends who are too young to drink.

“I’m normally not one to shame an age gap in a relationship,” begins one tweet, which you can see below.

“But Scott Disick dating (another) 20 year old isn’t cute, it’s grooming,” the tweet accuses.

“Scott disick probably can’t find a woman his age to be with,” suggests another tweet.

The tweet explains “because they won’t put up with his s–t.”

The tweet then reasons: “Younger women can usually be more open to his party life style then an older woman would be.”

“When you realize @ScottDisick is dating someone born in the same decade of his kid…..” another tweet remarks.

“A 38 year old sleeping with someone born in 2001……” the tweet points out.

The tweet then demands to know: “where are these children’s parents?!?”

“Rinna salivates at the fact that her 19 year old daughter is dating Scott Disick,” accuses another.

The same tweet adds: “She can’t mention his name enough. #RHOBH”

Let’s go through these tweets in order:

Grooming is when someone (often an adult with a minor, but not always) uses seeming innocuous interactions to prepare their target for sex.

For example, being a “really cool older friend” to someone until the predator gets them alone or the target turns 18 could be grooming.

The idea is that the predator builds a rapport and inches across boundaries over time to build trust. It’s a manipulation.

If you’re asking if Scott Disick met Amelia Gray Hamlin when she was 15 and spent the past 4 or 5 years manipulating her … there’s no evidence of that.

It sounds like they met as adults and then had sex as adults.

They have a creepy age gap, but that’s not the same as “grooming.” Words mean things.

Moving on to the next tweet, a lot of the time, older adult men dating young women is confused.

Some conflate it with pedophilia. Others assume that they’re just dating “the hottest girls.”

Both misunderstand the situation — but this tweet hits the nail on the head.

A handsome, wealthy, famous man could find a 26-year-old just as hot as a 19-year-old, we promise.

It’s not an extra dash of youthful glow that sets the barely legal teen apart, but emotional and mental maturity. Life experience.

Famous men who repeatedly date ultra-young women are looking for someone who will put up with their immature BS.

Sex and relationships are different things, despite often having overlap.

If Scott wanted sex with a young, hot model, the age of any (adult) woman wouldn’t matter. It’s just a fun night or weekend and they both move on.

The apparent lack of maturity that requires him to seek out barely legal models as full-time companions is much creepier than any boning.

On the one hand, we’ve never heard of a rule about two people born the same decade. It sounds kind of arbitrary.

But it is true that with each new 19-year-old girlfriend that Scott gets, the age gap between his girlfriend and his children shrinks.

Yes, Amelia turned 20. Scott also helped Sophia Richie celebrate turning 20. He could do this again.

As for the question about the “parents” of Amelia and of the ghosts of 19-year-olds past, well …

These are adult women. Their parents have no legal sway over them. Working models may also be financially independent.

And in Amelia’s case, the next tweet sort of sums it up.

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are both celebrities, even independently of being a couple.

They have both expressed nuanced concerns about Amelia’s romance with Scott.

In both cases, they worried about hypocrisy, noting Harry’s romantic history — having once been with a much older actress in his youth.

Whether Lisa is delighting in Amelia’s relationship or not, it’s arguably part of her storyline on this season.

Maybe she’s cackling with joy over the subject matter. Maybe she’s just covering it because it’s part of her life.

There’s probably no “winning” when you’re a reality star worried about your adult kid’s choices.

Ultimately, dating a much-much-much older man (nearly twice her age) is Amelia’s choice to make.

Is she wasting her time and her precious youth? Maybe. That’ll really be something for Amelia to decide when she’s older.

We can respect Amelia’s autonomy and be grossed out by Scott, and we can do it all without infantalizing or hyperbole.

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