Shelby Tribble sends gushing tribute to boyfriend Sam Mucklow as she admits she’s been at her ‘lowest’

The Only Way Is Essex star Shelby Tribble, 26, has shared a public, heartfelt tribute to her boyfriend Sam Mucklow, 27, after revealing plans to marry and have kids with the Essex hunk.

Shelby, who dated co-star Pete Wicks, 30, last year, shared a photo of her topless boyfriend grinning at the camera while standing in a pool and penned a gushing message to him in the caption.

Starting the message, Shelby wrote: “Just a little burst of love,” with a red heart emoji.

She then began by thanking her friends and family for their support and said: “I wanted to start off with thanking my amazing family and amazing friends for being so supportive and being the ones to pick me up recently when I’ve been at my absolute lowest.

“For loving, supporting and being there for me continuously while I go back to finding me. You mean the world to me and I couldn’t go on without you. I love you all so much.”

She then shared her appreciation for her boyfriend and said: “Not forgetting my @sammucklow_ you are everything I’ve dreamed of and more.

“You have been my rock. I am so grateful for you like you wouldn’t believe.”

Shelby then thanked him for “working his a**e off,” “sticking by her through such a s****y period” and “pushing her to be the best version of herself”.

The brunette called Sam her “best friend” and said: “I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for being YOU. You never fail to amaze me day by day.

“You take my breath away every single day without realising and I will love you for the rest of my life baby. One last time….Thank you.”

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She then had a message for her 326,000 followers and said: “Lets all spread more love and positivity, And one last thing.. thank you to the incredible followers and supporters your kindness and messages don’t go unnoticed.”

The TOWIE brunette started a romance with her cast mate and close friend Sam at the start of the 24th series of TOWIE, which aired in March this year. In the first episode, Sam and Shelby were embroiled in a row after they slept together and Sam openly flirted with Demi Sims, 23, hours later.

TOWIE viewers then saw Shelby date newbie Tom McDonnell, 23, and ended her flirtatious friendship with Sam after confessing she was ready to make things official with Tom.

However, once the series ended, it Shelby took a U-turn as she rekindled her relationship with Sam. The couple then made things official and made their first public appearance as an item in June.

Meanwhile, as TOWIE returned in August, it became apparent that Shelby and her best friend Clelia Theodorou, 24, were not on good terms. The friends have had a “huge row” after Clelia was left upset and felt Shebly didn’t support her after her split from her boyfriend.

A TOWIE source at told The Sun before the series aired: “Shelby started spending all her time with Sam and when Clelia broke up with her boyfriend, Shelby wasn’t there for her.

“She didn’t even call her and they live together. “So Clelia’s been spending all her time in at home Devon because she’s been so upset.”

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Their fallout then leaked onto TV screens as Shelby confronted Clelia in a recent episode of the Essex reality series. On the show, Shelby told her ex-BFF: “Can I just start off by saying after all this time we can finally talk. I've been sending you so many messages.”

But, Clelia didn’t believe Shelby and replied: “No. You messaged me twice and rang my mum with the excuse 'My internet hasn't been working'. It's b******t.”

Shelby insisted that, despite being on holiday with her boyfriend Sam at the time of Clelia’s breakup, she tried to be there for Clelia.

Reality star Clelia hit back by calling her former friend a “f*****g liar" and adding: “I've been there for you through everything, everything. You need have more of a head, Shelby. You didn't text me.

“I couldn't get myself off the f***ing floor. You were with Sam all summer and you just sat there.”

Shelby asked is she “not allowed happiness” to which Clelia replied: “I have wanted you to be happy forever.”

Listing Shelby's ex flames, Clelia said: “Gatsby, Pete, Tom, Sam, Saffron, I've had your back through everything but you can't be there for me.”

Shelby then called time on the row, and said they’re “never going to agree” and she was “disappointed that after seven years” Clelia didn’t come to her for support and Clelia stormed off and exclaimed she was “done”.

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