The 10 Most Followed People on TikTok Revealed Top 2 Users Are the Only Accounts with Over 100 Million Followers

TikTok has been quite the growing app over the last few years.

The video platform started out with short form content and has since evolved into longer videos, while still mixing in various lengths.

During the pandemic in 2020, it got super popular with dance challenge videos and now you can find nearly anything on the app.

Throughout the years, the users with the most follows has changed so much – Charli D’Amelio hit major milestones before anyone, including being the first, and still one of only two users, with over 100 million followers.

Now, the top 10 most followed people features a couple of movie stars, Charli, popular YouTubers and more.

Click inside to find out who the most followed people on TikTok are…

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