The Being the Ricardos trailer edited around Nicole Kidmans Lucille Ball

In January, the main cast for Being the Ricardos was announced: Nicole Kidman playing Lucille Ball and Javier Bardem playing Desi Arnaz. The script was written by Aaron Sorkin, with the blessing and approval of Desi and Lucy’s children, and Sorkin has directed his own script. One of (arguably) the most important decisions for any director is casting. Sorkin just missed the mark completely with both of the primary roles, it’s not even funny. Not even the paparazzi photos from the set were fooling anyone – Kidman’s Lucille Ball drag just looked terrible. Well, I guess Amazon and Sorkin know that they’ve got a big dud on their hands. Amazon Studios just released the first teaser trailer and they barely show Kidman. It’s an editing masterclass!

To be clear, I don’t hate Nicole. I think she is still very talented and I would love to see her do more sh-t like The Undoing, where she plays crazy rich bitches who wander around cities in pretty coats. THAT is her wheelhouse, and the Botox works in her favor with those kinds of roles. In roles where she has to play a real life person – and not just that, one of the greatest comediennes of all time – she falls flat at this point. It also feels like she barely did any work for this! She’s doing next to nothing with her voice, she’s just trying to do a flat American accent (and failing). She just plopped on a dollar-store Halloween wig and thought that would be it.

Should I even start in on Javier Bardem? His accent work is bad too! Desi had a Cuban accent, which is different than Javier’s Spanish accent. And Javier looks NOTHING like Desi. This film is so messy, my God.

— HollywoodLife (@HollywoodLife) April 29, 2021

Poster & screencaps courtesy of Amazon Studios.

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