The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Will a Lie Detector Vindicate Lisa Vanderpump?!

Lisa Vanderpump has been M.I.A. from many events on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. 

The reason for that is that she’s had a severe falling out with her co-stars. She’s on talking terms with new addition, Denise Richards. 

Beyond that, she’s kept herself away from the other women following PuppyGate. 

Tuesday’s episode found Lisa sharing the screen with Camille Grammer, once again, and the two women chatted about recent events, and a lie detector test came up somewhere in the conversation. 

Lisa couldn’t contain her excitement at the size of Camille’s engagement ring, saying that diamonds are sometimes “better friends than your friends.”

“You know, those girls can be…” Camille said before Lisa butted in, “Yeah. They’ve been horrible. Horrible. And I don’t want to include you in that at all. Not at all.”

The conversation shifted to Camille’s looming wedding. 

“If you were to come to my wedding — which, you know that I would love for you to be there — I would want you to feel comfortable within the group,” Camille said. “Of course I want you there, so will you come?”

Lisa was at a loss because she did not want to spend any time with the others, and that’s why she had to decline the invitation. 

“I’ve always cared about you, you know that,” she said. “I just — I can’t make the wedding.”

Camille was not impressed by the decision, but she understood her stance, noting that she would hate for her to feel “all this pressure from the ladies” at an event that be happy. 

“Well, you can invite me and cancel everyone else!” Lisa laughed. 

“As much as I want to see Camille get married, I’m not gonna put myself in that situation with them all against me,” LVP dished in a confessional.

“Let the Real Bitches of Beverly Hills go on their own.”

Lisa then realized that Camille was mad with the girls. 

“You’re upset with the girls? What do you mean?” LVP quickly asked, prompting Camille to open up about her fraught relationship with Teddi. 

“There’s a lot of love between you and a lot of these girls,” Camille added. “Especially Kyle.”

Lisa felt like the other ladies planned on making her feel like a “terrible person” and that was not good. 

“What am I supposed to do? Take a lie-detector test? Is that what they want me to do?” she wondered.

Camille admitted that were something off with Kyle ever since the argument and that they should fix things. 

“How she was when she came around here when she said, ‘I believe them and I don’t believe you’re a good friend and I believe you’re more concerned about your image than your friends,’ I was just like, ‘You might as well have hit me around the face,'” Lisa said.

“And I was like, ‘Get out,’ but I also actually meant, ‘Get out of my life.'”

“I’ve been there,” Camille said in a confessional.

“I’ve had to sit there and have people call me delusional, a liar — and maybe I have more strength than she has because she runs away from it.”

“Lisa’s never been a victim,” she continued.

“She doesn’t live her life like a victim, but she’s behaving like she is one. It’s sad to see. This is not the Lisa that I knew.”

“The Lisa that I knew would show up. What she’s doing is she’s running from everybody. It’s almost like this immature girl hiding from the truth. Lisa Vanderpump talks the talk, but I wanna see her walk the walk.”

Camille wanted Lisa to remember how strong her connection with Kyle once was. 

“I think Kyle Richards just enjoyed throwing me under the bus a little too much, and unless she changed her position and apologized, I’ve got no intention of seeing her again,” Lisa countered.

The wild episode concluded with a preview for next week’s episode which showed LVP hooked up to a lie detector to reveal the truth about what happened. 

“Have you ever given a story to Radar Online?” the administrator asks as Lisa replies, “This is quite tight, this blood pressure thing, isn’t it?”

This is going to be good!

RHOBH continues Tuesdays on Bravo. 

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