Tom Brady Has L.A. Bro Dinner with Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon

Tom BradyMatt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel bro’d down over some sushi in Beverly Hills … they’re super rich and super famous … so, question is, who footed the bill???

The power trio hit the town after shooting a bit for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday … getting a table at Yazawa Japanese BBQ.

Of course, Brady’s been all over La La Land this week … he was spotted throwin’ the pigskin with some UCLA players earlier in the day before joining the stars for dinner.

So … who pays the tab?! Let’s break it down:

Kimmel — Jimmy just had Brady and Damon on his show … so a few sushi rolls as a thank you for coming on his show ain’t out of the question.

Damon — the actor’s a HUGE Pats and TB12 fan … so a congrats on winning a 6th SUPER BOWL dinner is definitely not out of the question.

Then there’s Brady … the dude’s made more than $212 MILLION in his career — and that’s just his football salary — and uhh, we might have our winner.

Regardless of who whipped out the wallet … that’s one helluva power table.

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