Tom Parker gives terminal brain tumour update after being filled with dread over scans

Tom Parker responds to comment from Instagram troll

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Tom Parker, 33, has shared good news with his Instagram followers today, after discovering the results of his latest scan showed his brain tumour remains stable. The Wanted singer said he was “grateful” for the positive outcome ahead of his birthday, as he continues to remain on medication for the disease.

Tom typed: “OK… here goes. The last couple of days have been filled with dread and worry but I’m pleased to announce that the results of yesterday’s scan (lovely birthday present), are stable with a slight reduction in the tumour if anything. 

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to receive this news. We left it a little longer between scans this time just to give time for the medication to work etc but overall a great day. 

“Thanks to all our healthcare team. You are truly wonderful. And thank you all you lovely people out there sending love and support. 

“It really is so appreciated. Time to celebrate,” he added.

In response, his fans praised the singer as they celebrated his “amazing news”.

One said: “That’s amazing news, so pleased for you and Kelsey, Aurelia and Bodhi , stay strong and positive.”

A second replied: “AAAAAAAAA WHAT A INCREDIBLE NEWS! we’re so happy for you, Tom!!”(sic)

While a third commented: “You’re doing amazing Tom!!!”

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