Tory Lanez Prison Life Behind Bars, All Alone Due To High Profile

tory lanez

Tory Lanez has gotta be feeling lonely inside those prison walls … because we’re told his day-to-day schedule puts him in a solo situation, because of his celeb status.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … the rapper’s currently in Administrative Segregation at North Kern State Prison in Delano, CA … because he’s a high-profile inmate.

Our sources say Ad-Seg doesn’t come with a whole lotta social interactions — he’s got a cell all to himself — with frequent checks from guards.

We’re told he’s escorted to the showers where he bathes by himself, and if he chooses to spend time in the yard, he’ll be the only one in the fenced-off area.

He also isn’t going to the chow hall like his fellow inmates, so all meals are brought to him — and, as we reported, he’s been chowing down on bologna sandwiches and hard-boiled eggs.

North Kern State Prison

We’re also told he’s in handcuffs whenever he’s escorted out of his cell … but that’s just policy for folks in Ad-Seg.

Remember, Tory arrived at the state prison Tuesday after being sentenced to 10 years for his conviction in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case.

Keep in mind, this isn’t his permanent prison home — it’s a transition prison while authorities determine where he should serve out his sentence.

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