Travis Scott Causes Chaotic Scene at Grocery Store

Travis Scott went to work, literally, to make sure his new spiked seltzer hit local shelves … but in the process, he caused a chaotic, and potentially dangerous, scene.

Scott hit up several grocery stores around Los Angeles Monday to promote his CACTI spiked seltzer. The rapper went inside a Pavillions in West Hollywood to check on his product and grab a pack of gum … only to be swarmed by fans.

You can see the cashier and another customer get engulfed by the crowd as Travis signs autographs and tries to pay for his gum.

What’s most upsetting about the video … some fans aren’t wearing masks, and every time he speaks, or yells, Travis pulls his own mask down … defeating the whole point of wearing one.

Grocery stores have gone to great lengths to make sure customers can shop safely, and to see the safe practices like mask-wearing and social distancing completely ignored — essentially over a pack of gum — is sure to enrage store management.

It was just last month when Travis attracted a huge crowd for a newsstand he put up in Los Angeles. City officials said they were investigating the incident because Travis didn’t get a permit, though nothing has been done yet.

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