Truly devastated Loose Womens Judi Love in tears as she announces dear friends death

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Loose Women’s Judi Love took to Instagram to share her feelings about her beloved friend Martyn, a man whose support made her “truly emotional”. She paid tribute to him by sharing a video of herself screaming with laughter and thanking him as he complimented her looks during one of their drives together, while admitting her grief at learning he had died.

Our friendship will always remind me how important it is to find your tribe, your inner circle, treasure them and love them as much as possible

Judi Love of Loose Women

“It’s with deep heartbreak to share that My dear Martyn #MyMartin has passed away,” Judi wrote in view of her 295,000 followers.

She added cheekily: “Yes I used to spell [his name] wrong and we laughed about that too.”

“I’ll keep it 100% real with you, Working in the public eye and getting older and wiser, your circle becomes smaller,” she confided, before adding: “Martyn was a part of the inner circle.

“We built a beautiful friendship on laughter, life experiences and trust.. Yes he drove me to shows but he also was involved in personal trips and events.”

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She recalled nostalgically how he had seen her on both her “best and worst days”, had comforted her when her father passed away and had shared her joyous celebrations as she celebrated her daughter’s sweet 16th birthday party.

“A month ago when I had an operation Martyn waited outside until he knew I had been prepped,” she continued.

“Why? Because that’s the kind of man he was.”

She praised her friend for keeping herself and her children “safe and comfortable”, revealing that he had been their devoted driver for the past four years.

“Martyn was the only driver that I would allow to drive my children,” she added.

“To them he was our Martyn. To say I am truly devastated is an understatement.

“God brings different people into your life for a reason, ours was for joy, care and love,” she asserted.

Throughout the video that she shared, he was paying compliments to her while the blushing TV star screamed with laughter and couldn’t stop thanking him.

“Martyn says my hair is the most important thing in London!” she exclaimed, while dramatically sweeping her hands through it.

After he complimented her pink heels, she joked: “They don’t make shoes like this no more!”

He added in a touching statement of supportiveness: “No, they don’t!”

Judi described him retrospectively as one of her “biggest cheerleaders”, adding that she often reciprocated the affection by packing some of her favourite foods, including curried goat, fried chicken and plantain, for him to take home with him.

Admitting that she was in tears as she wrote the post, she confessed that her driver “never missed an opportunity to tell me how much he cared”.

She concluded: “Martyn I pray our days brought you the same joy it gave me.

“Our friendship will always remind me how important it is to find your tribe, your inner circle, treasure them and love them as much as possible. Sleep Well My Martin RIP xxx.”

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