Victoria Beckham: ‘It was a sign of insecurity’ that I used to wear tight clothes

Victoria Beckham recently did a Q&A session with fashion students all around the UK. She’s apparently a patron of “Graduate Fashion Week,” which I guess means that she went out of her way to make videos and send best wishes to fashion-academy graduates this year. Victoria ended up chatting about her own personal style, her fashion regrets and whether you’ll ever catch her in elastic-waistband sweatpants and sneakers. Some highlights:

On her Spice Girls style, which involved corsets & bodycon clothes: “When I was in the Spice Girls there were stylists who dressed the group, but in my personal life, I have never worked with a stylist. I used to wear lots of structured dresses with corsetry, and I do still have some of those dresses, but my personal style has become more relaxed. Looking back, I guess it was a sign of insecurity that I would always wear clothes that were very tight, very fitted.”

She’s wears sneakers often: “I just can’t run around the studio doing everything in high heels. I’m juggling a lot: being a mom, being a wife, being in the studio every day. I remember one time at a show in New York where I wore a pair of masculine trousers and trainers, and everyone went crazy, ‘Oh my God, she’s wearing trainers!’ ”

Advice to younger people, what she would tell herself at that age: “I always say I can handle mistakes that were made by me, but not mistakes that were made against my instinct. Trust that gut – it’s there for a reason.”

The future of fashion: “I’m looking forward to the future in this industry, actually. I feel like we can all come out of this better, personally and professionally… The generation coming into adulthood now will have experienced something that none of the rest of us have. I feel like this has taught all of us a lot about how to work together as teams, both in our home lives and professionally. This crisis will have expanded the horizons of all of us, in a way.”

No elastic waists… yet: “I still get up early and exercise every day, then I dress for work and for comfort. A pair of old jeans, a T-shirt or a jumper. I’m not quite at the elasticated waistband stage yet – I still want to feel good about myself. We’ve been going out on country walks every day, so the only shoes I wear are an old pair of trainers. It’s so nice just to do things with the family and not think too much about getting dressed. So, definitely no heels.”

[From People]

I’m about to say something harsh but true: people who have spent the past three months quarantining in HARD PANTS are the crazy ones. I’ve bought clothes in quarantine, and all of them have been much-needed loose-fitting shorts & sweatpants/lounge pants. It’s not a f–king crime to want to wear comfortable clothes with some elastic in the waist while we’re stuck at home, God! As for wearing tight clothes and that somehow equaling “insecurity,” I can’t really tell if she was speaking generally or about herself in particular. If she wore tight things because she was insecure, so be it and I’m glad she changed up her style. But some women just like to wear tight clothes or revealing clothes or short skirts and it has nothing to do with insecurity.

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