Village People Super Annoyed Trump Supporters Using 'Y.M.C.A.' With New Lyrics

The Village People, with the exception of the cop, are outraged Donald Trump supporters have jacked their most-famous song and changed the words as an homage to their candidate.

Members of the group tell TMZ, they hate the idea the song is being used to promote Trump’s re-election. They say, “Other than to antagonize Biden supporters, we really don’t get Trump supporters fascination with ‘Y.M.C.A.'” They go on to say … “To say that we are annoyed by this type of use of ‘Y.M.C.A. is an understatement.”

Problem for the group … Victor Willis, a founding member, lead singer and songwriter, controls the copyright and he’s not going to block it.

Victor has previously said, “I will continue to criticize the President when he says or does something I disagree with. And I disagree with most of his politics. But I am not a Trump hater. Therefore, I will not take the next step of bringing suit against the President simply because he loves Y.M.C.A. and won’t stop playing it at his rallies.”

It looks like the same applies when Trump supporters jack the song.

After Trump’s alleged comments about veterans, it’s unlikely he’ll use another Village People song … “In the Navy.”

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