23 Outfit Ideas For Petite Women With a Tall Order For Style

Cropped Pants, Low-Tops, and a Ruffled Top

You have no idea how many times I’ve stared at Kendall Jenner’s legs in a Summer miniskirt (on Instagram, obviously) and prayed for the gods to stretch me a few inches while I’m sleeping at night. I’ve struggled with finding denim cutoffs I actually feel comfortable in, and, at 5’1″, I have to get most of my breezy maxi dresses tailored before I wear them, so there’s no immediate sense of gratification when I take them out of the box.

That said, over the years, I’ve learned to love my petite frame. Rather than pining for the vacation outfits that look great on my supertall BFF, I’ve followed bloggers and influencers who are about my height and have a great sense of style. I’ve collected some awesome pieces that actually may not work for women with longer torsos or mile-long legs (crop tops bare just enough skin, rather than too much) and I’ve even experimented with going braless, since I personally have a flat chest.

It turns out, in the Summer, there are so many trends — current trends, mind you! — I can rock because I’m small. (Sup, biker shorts?) If you fall into my camp, and you’re trying find ways to flatter your body type this season, I gathered a few tricks I think you’ll love. Read on to learn from the best.

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