Bloke creates a man cave in the cupboard under his stairs and women are calling it the best thing ever – The Sun

A DAD turned a cupboard into his personal ‘man cave’ complete with a giant TV and beanbags.

Ryan Atfield decided he needed his own space, so set about repurposing the void under the stairs, equipping it with all his essentials.

Calling it the ‘mini man cave’, the 30-year-old shared before and after snaps to Facebook group DIY On a Budget, showing off his handiwork.

Before he transformed it the cupboard was bare with a wooden floor, but then he turned it into a cosy hideaway by adding a giant TV, computers and a beanbag.

The dad-of-one, from Hampshire, said: “Finally finished the mini man cave!

“Seen a few people asking what to do with their under the stair cupboards so thought I’d give the before and after photos a share.”

Ryan strung up some fairy lights as a finishing touch, adding the shelf with all the wires doubled up as a media centre.

Ryan, who lives with partner Sasha Francis, 28, and their 19-month-old, Reeva, said he wanted to create a space where he could chill out which was also practical.

He told Fabulous Digital: “I wanted to build a cosy space for gaming and chilling out that could also be used as an office and a media centre.

“It turned out so much better than I expected, also it enabled me to hide all the devices and wires of the living room which was a bonus.”

His DIY skills were praised online, with his post racking up more than 700 likes, as people were inspired to made their own version.

One person said: “You need to clear the stuff out, I'm doing this.”

Another wrote: “An idea for under our stairs!”

A third commented: “I’ve decided what we’re doing with the cupboard.”

Someone else added: “Forget the shed at the end of the garden.

"I now know what to do with the gap under the stairs.”

This person said: “Forget the extra bathroom look at this.”

Another thought: “Sod man cave, I want one for Escape from the kids cave.”

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