Bond girl Jane Seymour reveals her anti-aging must-haves at 72, she doesn't have Botox and her diet tip's totally free | The Sun

BOND girl Jane Seymour has revealed her anti-aging must-haves and how she keeps her skin flawless in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

Jane, 72, has been in the public spotlight ever since rising to fame in her 20s for playing Solitaire in the James Bond film Live and Let Die. 

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, the famous Bond girl has opened up about her skincare routine that helps her age gracefully.

"I actually use Crepe Erase, which is astounding to everyone and it works really well," she revealed, while adding she's been using it for about 10 to 11 years.

The English actress, however, mentioned that she tries other products from time to time, especially since she gets sent products to try out, and compares them to Crepe Erase.

"But I would say, in general, I never go to bed with dirty skin. I cleanse really well and exfoliate, and I'll put some kind of retinal-type exfoliant on at night that is sun sensitive," Jane continued.

"And then in the morning, I gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and then I replenish with, usually like a nice serum… oils or creams."

She spilled that she very rarely gets facials due to her schedule and also the fact that she keeps her skin healthy and clean.

Jane explained: "I always cleanse my skin and I always get rid of the dead skin cells and protect the new ones and definitely wear a hat and SPF… I stay out of the sun. I mean, I stay in the sun enough to get Vitamin D, but not enough to burn."


Jane set the record straight about rumors she had heard about being against all kinds of plastic surgery and Botox.

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"That's not the truth," she told The U.S. Sun while hosting an intimate luncheon at The Polo Bar in New York City with author Christy Scott Cashman.

"I think everyone should do whatever they want to do. I just say, as an actress, for me, it's handy that if I'm angry that you can see I'm angry."

She continued: "It just doesn't work for me as actress. If I play a drama or I need to be able to make a lot of expressions, if I can't do that, then it limits what I can play.

"And I do play older women as well with gray wigs."

The Harry Wild star also reasoned: "I just want to look like me. And I have more work right now than I've ever had in my life.

"I think it's because I can age up or down, and so I think that's [because] my face moves."

Jane said that she has "a whole bunch of things lined up" in terms of upcoming projects.

She even had to turn down a movie that was going to be filmed in Ireland since it was too much too soon and she already had made Thanksgiving plans with her family.


Apart from maintaining flawless skin, Jane credits her fitness routine for helping her age so gracefully.

She said that she does intermittent fasting – eating during an eight-hour window and fasting for 16 – because "it makes perfect sense."

Comparing it to unplugging a computer and restarting it in order to work, she said that the body works by letting "whatever's in the system, naturally disappear."

She went on to explain her lifestyle: "I basically tend to try to eat earlier in the evening, normally, and then not have anything really until noon or lunchtime.

"But I'm not religious about it. And I eat healthy Mediterranean kind of food. I grow organic food in the garden. I have a sip of wine here and there and a lot of water."

Jane said that when it comes to working out, she's pretty much active all day.

If she can't get to the gym, she works out wherever she is – such as on set or in her hotel room – and will even do "triceps and pushups while I'm waiting for the coffee machine."

Jane told The U.S. Sun: "I know what I need to do… And if I need to get some aerobic in, I do fast walking because that's better for me than running.

"And if I'm doing that, I'm either talking to people whilst I'm doing it on the phone or I'm listening to a book."

She also said that she does Pilates with lightweights, climbs up and down steps, rides a bike, and stretches a lot.


On November 9, Jane was in New York City to promote her next project with Christy Cashman – turning the author's book, The Truth About Horses, into a major motion film or TV series.

As part of the press tour, she attended an intimate luncheon with Christy, Jane's new boyfriend John Zambetti and Julia Haart.

"I read it and I got blown away. And I went, 'Wow, that's really good,'" Jane recalled after reading it the first time.

After providing a review quote for the book, she then read it a second time on a flight.

"It took four hours and 15 minutes nonstop. Didn't even go to the bathroom. Floods of tears and people around me going, 'What's going on here?' And I said, 'I'm reading this book,'" she continued.

"And it literally got me in a very visceral way, and I just went, 'Oh my goodness, the last time I felt like this was reading Dr. Quinn and reading Somewhere in Time… this hits the human nerve."

After recently landing the deal, Jane said that turning the book into a film or TV project is a major priority for her right now.

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