Boy, 6, yells ‘b*****d’ after his mum sneaks into his room at night, cuts up his PJs & blames it on Elf On The Shelf

A SIX-year-old boy yelled ‘b******d’ after his mum pulled an epic Elf on the Shelf prank on him while he slept. 

Lorcan Wade, from Dublin, was in shock after waking up to find giant holes in his pyjamas, and spotted naughty elves sitting with the scraps of fabric. 

Mum Audrey Wade, 38, had painstakingly chopped up Lorcan’s trousers as he slept for their Christmas prank traditions. 

Audrey snuck into her son’s bedroom all night, then set up the cheeky elves for him to find in the morning. 

But she wasn’t expecting the lad’s stunned reaction, as he called the elves ‘them b******s’. 

Audrey shared the clip to Facebook, where it’s been liked more than 5,000 times, saying: “Excuse the lingo, it's never been heard from him before.”

The mum, a healthcare assistant, said: “Lorcan is really cheeky in a good way and loves naughtiness, so he’s obsessed with the elves’ pranks.

“I went into his room while he was asleep and carefully took a hole out one at a time so I didn’t wake him up.

“He’s the type of person who wouldn’t wear socks with holes in unless I sewed them up because he doesn’t like wasting things, so I got him to wear some old pyjamas so he wouldn’t mind as much.

“The next morning, he didn’t even realise at first that he had holes in his trousers at first and once he did, he just stood there in shock – it was hilarious.

“His reaction was priceless and we laughed for the rest of the day about it.”

Audrey confirmed the naughty elves later wrote Lorcan an apology, and gave him some earmuffs and gloves to say sorry. 

But their pranks are far from over yet, as the mum said she has a few more ideas up her sleeve.

She said: “I’ve got lots more ideas for the elves – they opened his brother’s advent calendar and ate all of the chocolates which they found hilarious but I need to top it.

“They also wrapped their school uniforms up yesterday and they loved it.

“It’s all just a bit of fun and magic for them in the run up to Christmas.”

The mum explained she put the video online for their friends and family to see, and didn't expect it to go viral. 

She added: “Lorcan is quite a funny character anyway but when we put the video on Facebook for our family and friends to see, we didn’t realise we would get such a big reaction.

“I know things go viral but I never expected the video to go anywhere.

“When it’s your own child you think it’s funny but I didn’t think everyone else would have liked it as well – Lorcan thinks he’s famous now.”

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