Bride thrilled as she makes DIY wooden hangers for bridesmaids costing 46p each from Primark – but people mock her for another hilarious fail – The Sun

MANY brides like to thank their bridesmaids for all their hard work by giving them a special hanger with which to hold their dress as part of a wedding gift.

However, one woman has left people in stitches with her DIY versions that cost her 46p each from Primark – however it wasn't the fact she had decorated them with a sharpie pen that got people giggling.

In a post on Facebook, the bride-to-be shared a picture of the hangers she intended to give her five bridesmaids – Emma, Nicole, Bekki, Daisy and Stacey – for her wedding day in early August.

She boasted: "DIY job wooden hangers from Primark £2.30 for five! Sharpie pen! Done!"

However, it wasn't just that she had spent very little time and cost decorating the hangers that shocked users in a wedding shaming Facebook group.

They were quick to point out that the woman had incorrectly spelt bridesmaid as 'bridemaid' on each of the five hangers.

One person wrote: "I like the misspelled bridemaid! lol"

Another commented: "Bridemaid??"

A third teased: "Bridemaid! Always a bridemaid never a bridesmaid!"

And a fourth added: "BRIDEMAID."

Others were just as shocked by the lack of effort put into the gift.

One joked: "How fancy."

Another suggested: "At least spring for the silver or gold sharpie, would’ve been such a cute money saver (minus the spelling error)."

A third sarcastically added: "Such a lovely momento. Really shows the affection and sentiment she feels towards them."

  • Bridesmaid engraved wooden hanger, Etsy, £6.19 – buy here

  • Personalised engraved wedding hanger, Not On The High Street, £10.50 – buy here

Many members pointed out that she could have purchased professionally-made hangers for her bridesmaids for a very reasonable price.

Etsy are selling engraved wooden hangers for £6.19 each.

Similarly, you can buy personalised engraved wooden hangers from Not On The High Street for £10.50.


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