Bridezilla shares brutal ‘bridesmaid rules’ including BANNING pregnancy and demanding they buy new outfits – 5 have quit

A DISTRAUGHT bridesmaid has admitted she is on the verge of quitting being in her friend’s wedding because of all the extravagant requests and seemingly unfair requirements there are to remain in the bridal party.

She claimed the bride won’t allow anyone to get pregnant or even engaged because she does not want to be overshadowed – but it gets so much worse.

The bridesmaid, who vented about the nightmare wedding in an anonymous post to Reddit, claimed she was just a “replacement bridesmaid” and can now see why so many people have quit the event.

In fact, five people have dropped out since she was invited into the bridal party, and the bride, who was named Katie for the sake of the story, has kicked people out on top of that.

Some of the over-the-top requests and rules enforced by the bride, according to the poster, include no engagements in her bridal party, as it’s “her year and getting engaged would overshadow her wedding,” no one is allowed to get pregnant, all bridesmaids must “respond quickly and promptly” to all messages, and all are required to give the bride a present at each event associated with her big day.

Katie even demanded that each bridesmaid already have each outfit picked out for all her bridal events.

Oh, and the outfits must be newly purchased. 

“You must buy new outfits (so that there are no photos of you in them already) for each night of the bachelorette trip (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday), bridal shower (two days total), and rehearsal dinner, PLUS different bridesmaids pajamas for each night of the bachelorette trip,” the poster detailed.

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Plus, each bridesmaid is expected to cover every cost of the bachelorette party without Katie's help, have their nails professionally manicured for each event, and the bridal party is required to spend the night with Katie following her bridal shower and before her wedding.

The poster estimated that the requirements are adding up to a minimum of $2,000, and only keeps climbing – but that’s not the worst part.

As one can tell, the bride has taken each person's appearance into consideration.

Apparently, she has been extra hard on the poster, who just had a baby.

She recalled that when she hired Katie to take professional photos of her newborn, she completely humiliated her after making fun of her postpartum body and even her child.

“When she came, she insulted my weight multiple times and reminded me I need to lose my baby weight before her wedding,” the bridesmaid wrote. 

“She then proceeded to insult my infant daughter. 

“She said it was sad she looked like my ‘hillbilly’ boyfriend and that her skin tone was really dark, implying it was a bad thing.”

She added that Katie then moved on to making fun of her pale skin complexion and naturally red hair.

The woman explained that she is heartbroken over this treatment, and although her boyfriend said she was overreacting at first, he has come around to realize how cruel the treatment is.

And despite her evidence against the bride, she still felt like she might be in the wrong to quit – until fellow Redditors weighed in.

“Drop out NOW!” one user seemingly screamed across the computer screen.

“And I'd drop her as a ‘friend’ as well. 

“I thought: ‘Hell no,’ after reading the list of demands, and that's before I got to the other insults.”

“That list has ‘bridezilla’ written all over it, plus having five people drop out should be a red flag,” another added.

“It's her wedding, but it's your mental health.”

Yet a third user wrote: “What a bridezilla. 

“If I was going to be her husband, I would have even dropped out of the wedding.”

The poster saw the comments and took them to heart, and after some consideration, she decided that she, too, would join the list of people who have bailed on Katie’s wedding.

In an update to her post, she wrote that she is waiting for the final photos of her newborn to come in, and then is running away.

“My two best friends are coming over for a f**k Katie party to help support me while I quit,” she claimed.

All’s well that ends well, right?

As for Katie, she has joined the club of bridezillas who have been complained about online by fed-up friends and bridesmaids.

For instance, one woman claimed her best friend refused to invite her fiancé to her wedding because she did not see their relationship as “valid” since they had been together for a decade without tying the knot.

Arguably worse, someone’s own sister kicked her out of her wedding for not agreeing to gift her a present worth thousands of dollars.

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