Celebs Over 40 Who Still Rock Bikinis To Perfection: J.Lo, Elizabeth Hurley & More

Turning the big 4-0 does NOT mean you have to stop rockin’ a two-piece — just ask these fabulous stars, who are over 40 and all shown off their insane abs in bikinis!

There’s still time to perfect your bikini body this summer, and if you’re looking for inspiration, you won’t have to look much further than right here. The stars in our gallery above, who are all over the age of 40, have all flaunted their incredible bodies and bikinis, and they truly look better than ever. Age is truly nothing but a number for these amazing women, and they’re proof that bikini swimsuits really can be worn at any age!

Jennifer Lopez, 49, as always had an incredible figure, but she just seems to get better and better as the years go by. She’s constantly hitting up the gym and working on toning her bod, and it’s resulted in her having an insane six pack in her late 40s. One of our other bikini queens is Elizabeth Hurley, 54, who is so confident in her bikini body that she even promotes a swimsuit line of her very own on Instagram quite often. It’s led to no shortage of bikini pics from her, and we’re constantly beyond envious of how amazing she looks.

Then, there’s Kelly Ripa, 48, who is also known to workout like a fiend. Whatever she’s been doing definitely pays off, though, because her abs are OUT of control. Kelly’s body is obviously super tiny, but it’s also TONED and super fierce, which she’s proven by hitting the beach in her bikini every once in a while.

From these women to Heidi Klum to Cindy Crawford and so many more, there’s plenty of more women where these came from! Click through the gallery above to check it out — if this isn’t inspiration to get those ab workouts going, what could be?!

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