Chinese Zodiac Astrology: What signs are the most compatible with each other?

COMPATIBILITY in astrology between the signs is used to compare how personalities mesh with each other.

Chinese zodiac signs identify birth years with certain animals including the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig.

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Rat, Dragon, Monkey

The Rat, Dragon, and Monkey are all considered intelligent and competitive animals. 

They are goal oriented and quick to their feet. 

Rats, Dragons, and Monkeys are a good combination when working together as they all possess courage and are cunning. 

Ox, Snake, Rooster

The Ox, Snake, and Roosters are considered deep thinkers. 

They are driven, goal driven and can be very persistent.

The Ox has stamina but can be dull but the Snake is highly diplomatic and sneaky in its way.

The Rooster is the head of the group and is always confident no matter the setback. 

Dog, Horse, Tiger

This group is considered the free spirits of the Chinese zodiac. 

They are always searching for freedom and never wish to be constrained. 

With their self-determination comes selfishness and passion.

The Tiger is excitable and fierce, while the Horse is more stubborn and independent.

The Dog brings loyalty to the group and gives it a sense of honesty.

Rabbit, Pig, Goat

The Rabbit, Pig, and Goat are the people pleasers of the zodiac. 

The trio is often known as easy going, loving, but can be considered boring and cowardly. 

The Rabbit can be detached, but the Goat is humble and civil.

The Pig is known as the most generous, sincere, and honorable of all the animals in the zodiac.

What zodiac animals are most compatible?

The Rat is most compatible with the Dragon, Monkey or Ox. 

They are least compatible with the Goat, Horse or Rabbit as they can be frantic, boring and highly timid. 

The Snake works well with the Dragon or Rooster. 

Chinese zodiac signs in order

  • 🐀 Rat
  • 🐂 Ox
  • 🐅 Tiger
  • 🐇 Rabbit
  • 🐲 Dragon
  • 🐍 Snake
  • 🐎 Horse
  • 🐑 Goat
  • 🐒 Monkey
  • 🐓 Rooster
  • 🐕 Dog
  • 🐖 Pig

They both cooperate and are harmonious with each other and maintain a high reputation. 

Conversely, they are suggested to stay away from Tigers and Rabbits as they can misunderstand each other and cause a lot of conflict. 

The Horse is a perfect match for the Rabbit. 

They are both decision makers, imaginative, and natural-born leaders. 

The Horse’s worst match is the Ox and Rooster as they will never be able to agree on much or support each other.

The Pig’s best match is the Tiger and the Sheep.

They are all family-oriented and would hold each other to a high standard.

A Pig’s worst match is the Snake or Monkey as they will not experience emotional intimacy.

They cannot stand being treated coldly by Snakes while Monkeys are too willful for them.

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