Christmas fans show off their bonkers themed trees including Simpsons, Disney and the Grinch decorations – The Sun

CHRISTMAS is the one time of year it's perfectly acceptable to fully embrace tackiness with open arms.

With that in mind, some people have been sharing photos of their totally bonkers Christmas trees, including a bunch of unique looking creations dedicated to the Simpsons, Disney and the Grinch.

Images of the OTT Christmas trees were shared on the Facebook page Ideas Encantadoras.

People are either loving or hating the crazy themed tress, with one person commenting "I don't like these, I prefer traditional ones!"

One creative person covered their tree with dozens of Simpsons characters and cans of Duff, the fictional beer favoured by Homer in the popular cartoon series.

The unconventional creation was finished off with a huge blue wig, a nod to Marge's trademark boufant locks, sitting atop the tree.

Not to be outdone, one Grinch super-fan transformed their tree into a tribute to the green man himself, adorning their creation with red and green baubles and adding arms and a head.

Frozen fans will be thrilled by the blue and white Christmas tree inspired by the film, which features characters like Elsa, Anna and Olaf.

And that's not all. One person dressed their tree up to look like Darth Vader, the villain from the Star Wars films.

The unconventional tree has black branches and looks rather macabre – but its owner loves it regardless.

The Facebook post listing the weird and wonderful trees has been liked over 7,900 times, with hundreds of people praising the unique decor.

But not everyone is a fan. One Facebook user wrote: "What horrible things.
"The only passable one is the Star Wars tree.
"The rest are overloaded. Those are not trees with ornaments, they are ornaments with trees!"

It's not clear whether these unique trees are artificial or real firs – although they are most probably fake.

Real trees will wilt or branches may snap if overloaded.

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