Cleaning mad mum shows off ‘genius’ vacuum hack to squeeze more black bags in your wheelie bin if you’re short on space

EVER find your black bin bags spilling over the top of your wheelie bin outside?

A cleaning mad mum has come up with a ‘genius’ solution to squeezing more bags in if you are short on space.

TikTok user Laura Williams, who posts under @cleaning_at83, demonstrated how she vacuum packs her rubbish bags so they shrink in size.

She explained: “Right guys, you may think this is a boring video of me emptying my bin.

“I saw another TikToker do this yesterday, what a great hack.

“My bin outside is so small, it’s emptied once every two weeks. My five-year-old wouldn’t fit in there.

“Treating your bin bag as a vacuum suction bag like you do with your clothes. Just genius.”

Her hack has racked up half a million likes, and many people were impressed.

One said: “Great idea.”

Another added: “Omg I will be doing this.”

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