DIY fan saves hundreds transforming her drab kitchen into an Insta-worthy space for less than £50

A SAVVY DIY fan saved completely transformed her boring kitchen for just £40 after being quoted a huge £400 for the job.

Jade Shand, 32, from Edinburgh didn't have a huge budget but wanted the freshen up the space and did so herself for pennies.

The customer service supervisor had never tried DIY before but after being quoted a fortune she couldn’t afford for such a small job she took on the task herself. 

With little budget, Jade drew inspiration from DIY Facebook groups and took advantage of deals at Wilko, turning her dull kitchen into a stylish one she is proud of. 

Speaking she said: “When designing my kitchen I didn’t have the money to completely redo it and then I found a page on FB (DIY on a budget official) and saw a few people had renovated their kitchens using only paint and I couldn’t believe how amazing and fresh they looked.


“I was in the process of renovating my living room but it didn’t flow with the kitchen so I had a painter/decorator come up and give me a quote at £400 for the kitchen and cupboards to be painted. That’s why I did it myself.” 

With help from her brother, they went to Wilko to have a look and picked out the beautiful sage colour on a whim.

“The materials I used were Wilkos Quick dry Furniture paint In English Sage £10 for 750ml – I used 1.5 of these for my cupboards, " she explained.

She also added a lick of paint to the wall and ceilings choosing to freshen them up with the Colour Sleeping Inn for B&Q – and the results are incredible.

She continued: “As soon as I got home I got straight into it. I didn’t prime or sand down the cabinets, I just went for it- probably not the best idea sometimes but worked for me. 

“I feel so proud of myself for doing this as I am so bad at DIY and never have the courage to try something so drastic. Knowing I saved £360 is just unbelievable. When I walk into my kitchen now it makes me smile knowing it was me who painted it. I mean there are definitely parts I could have probably done better etc but to me, I think it looks great.

“I think that’s the point of DIY. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks… as long as you love it. I can’t believe the response I’ve had online. It’s given me so much confidence.  There really is nothing more rewarding and saving a lot of money in the process is just an added bonus.”

Jade said her biggest tip would be to "just go for it".

Adding: "If it looks bad you can always change it but that’s half the fun. Just enjoy yourself.“ 

What Jade used:

2 x Wilko Quick Dry Cupboard & Furniture English Sage Paint 750ml £20

1 x Small brush from Wilko £1.60

1 x Small roller set for £1.50

Rollers for £1- £3

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