DIY fanatics share how they made amazing parquet flooring worth £2k for a fraction of the price with an easy hack

TWO brothers gave their mums living room a makeover by giving her a luxury looking herringbone parquet for only a fraction of the price.

Harry Wright and Charlie Osbourne spent only £100 on the high end design that totally transformed their mothers space.

Speaking to, they said: "It was such a beautiful project to do together, our first as a team."

The process usually costs at least £50 per square meter but these savvy siblings sourced all their materials online and did all the labour themselves, cutting costs even further.


The duo from Bury St Edmunds, run East Anglia Carpentry, so they already had expertise in the area.

Harry said: "Charlie’s a pro carpenter – he took me under his wing and this was our first project out of the gate."

They also decided to use over 50 second-hand wooden pallets from Facebook to create the same flooring effect and to keep their costs low.

The pair enjoyed the glow-up challenge, saying: "It has also led to us getting some interesting carpentry work using reclaimed materials.

They recommend others try it too as it is a sustainable way to help the planet as it repurposes an ordinary pallet into something that will be used and loved for much longer.

The siblings explained the entire process, saying: "We first had to process an enormous amount of pallets, using a planer thicknesser to get them to the correct thickness.

"Then we used a pass through the table saw to get the width and finally each block was cut to the exact length using a chop saw."

"Once we had our blocks, we stuck them down using adhesive and a nail gun."

The floor was then varnished with an oil the pair got on Ebay.

The entire process took them only a week to take the reclaimed pallets and turn them into elegant floorboards.

The duo add that their biggest tip for anyone thinking of giving it a go at home is to ensure all the blocks are cut as evenly as possible. 

Harry advised fellow DIY enthusiasts to use sharp tools and get some knee pads as his knees suffered on the hard floor.

The siblings hard work saved the family £1,900 as it normally costs £2000 and they spent only £100, which is a tidy saving, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Happy with the result, Harry said: "It’s a real showstopper of a floor – we get compliments about it all of the time."

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