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CELEBS are in the spotlight from head to toe, especially on the red carpet where photographers can catch a glimpse of their feet. 

And, whilst many fans can appreciate beautiful eyes, a sparkling smile or even voluptuous body parts, according to a study from the Journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, the UK has been ranked number two when it comes to the highest rate of foot fetishes.

So which celebs have the most beautiful feet?

Miss Foot Fixer, Marion Yau, analysed the heels, toes and arches of leading celebrities' feet, and used the golden ratio to whittle down seven famous ladies who have the most iconic feet in the world. 

Marion, who is a Harley Street foot and nail specialist, explained howthe golden ratio comes into play: “According to ancient Greek culture, the face, feet, and other parts of the body were considered to be symbols of beauty.

"The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio of 1.618, but does not relate to the aesthetics of the foot.


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“It is believed the golden ratio number creates a visually pleasing and balanced composition that is considered a sign of beauty and perfection."

As for how the celebs feet are scored, Marion said: "The ratio is worked out by measuring length of the toes, then length of webspace to forefoot area, and finally, the ratio of the length from the forefoot to the heel.

“When it comes to ‘perfect’ feet, it can be difficult to measure as it depends on the angle at which the picture is taken. In order to minimise bias, I have looked at each celebrity photo similar in style to determine the score in relation to the ratio. 

"A percentage is given and then the average of that is given. However this is a general estimate because all the pictures are different size and angles. 

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Marion noted: “Even someone with scars and an operation on their feet may have a better golden ratio as it is all about the symmetry of the feet in relation to the golden ratio, and the golden ratio is just one method of determining this."

Here, we delve into the celebs with the world's most beautiful feet.

Rita Ora – 93%

Singing sensation Rita Ora achieved the highest golden ratio of 93 per cent for her feet. 

Marion said "her toes are relatively similar in length and her feet are well-toned and smooth". 

“Due to the golden ratio's symmetry, even though there is a slight prominence along the big toe, she scored highest out of all the celebs featured," she added.

And it's not just Marion who thinks Rita's feet are near-perfect, as one of the singer's ex-boyfriends, Andrew Watt used to be besotted with her toes, and was even caught nibbling them when on holiday together.

Kim Kardashian – 89% 

Reality TV icon Kim Kardashian recently learned she had ‘beautiful feet’ after finding hundreds of photos of her toes uploaded on Wiki Feet, a website that rates celebrities’ feet. 

So it’s no surprise she scored highly according to the golden ratio with 89 per cent.

Marion said: “In this case, the distance between the widest part of Kim’s foot and the base of her big toe corresponded to 92 per cent of the golden ratio. 

“Perhaps there is a reason why people rate her feet as 5/5 on a Wiki Feet. 

“Kim's feet consistently receive high ratings, indicating she has a high level of aesthetic appeal. Her high forefoot to golden ratio may explain this phenomenon.”

Margot Robbie – 86% 

Margot Robbie’s feet have been seen by millions of people who watched the Barbie movie and saw her step out of her heels and walk on her toes, showcasing an impressive arch. 

She scored 86 per cent according to the golden ratio, and Miss Foot Fixer remarked how "difficult [it is] to avoid being fascinated by Margot's feet after the Barbie movie". 

“Despite maintaining a high arch position, she seamlessly removed her shoes," she added. "As a matter of fact, her feet are stunning and delicate with long, perfectly shaped toes. 

“Perhaps it is due to the picture, but she scored significantly lower than the rest of the celebrities with an 82 per cent along the toe area.”

Holly Willoughby – 84%

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby's feet are extremely attractive and extremely beautiful, and she likes to maintain their beauty with regular pedicures at home.

But, when looking at the images of Holly's feet, Marion said the angle of the foot is not given justice.

She explained: “Despite this, her feet still scored 84 per cent according to the golden ratio, and she has the same golden ratio as Beyoncé. 

“The golden ratio in the arch area of Beyoncé and Holly was both scored one of the highest.”

Beyoncé – 84% 

Beyoncé scores 84 per cent according to the golden ratio for her feet, the same as This Morning’s Holly. 

Marion commented: “There is no doubt that Beyoncé's feet are strong, flexible, and specifically designed for dancing. 

“As a result, she is able to move gracefully across the stage as she performs.”

Kate Middleton – 83% 

Aside from being the future queen, Kate, Princess of Wales is also one of the most fashionable and well-dressed royals, and is rarely seen without a pair of heels. 

The royal, who has an impressive collection of shoes to match her outfits, apparently opts for a sensible heel height to avoid damaging her feet through excessive wear. 

And on the odd occasion Kate has taken her shoes off, her feet appear well-balanced, symmetrical and well-maintained, with a golden ratio of 83 per cent.

Scarlett Johansson – 82%

Scarlett Johansson scored 82 per cent on the golden ratio formula, which is still considered high, but she received the lowest score of all celebrities for her forefoot. 

Marion said: “I find her feet to be aesthetically pleasing, and Scarlett's quote states, ‘I like my feet and think they are cute’. My opinion is that they are indeed cute!”


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Marion has a YouTube Channel ‘The Foot Fixer Marion Yau' and will soon be launching a new series produced by 12 Yard Productions, which will air in 2024.   

The 8×60 title, featuring ‘award-winning celebrity Podiatrist’ Marion Yau, ‘Miss Foot Fixer’, sees Marion tackle extreme fungal infections, rams horn toenails, bunions, warts, corns, wounds, lesions, and ulcers from her London clinic which she runs, aided by her GP husband Kenny and a team of surgeons. 

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