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THERE are hundreds of products on the market that claim to be able to remove any toilet stain.

But one woman has shared the unusual one she swears by to get her loo glistening clean again.

And you're more likely to find it in the garage than in your cleaning cupboard.

The recommendation came after someone took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook to ask for advice.

"Please does anyone have any advice for cleaning my toilet?" she wrote.

"Just bought a house and the toilet bowl has blue/green, yellow and black stains in it, some parts even look pink.

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"Don't know if it's toilet cleaner stained and don't want to use the wrong chemicals in case of producing chlorine, any ideas please?"

"WD40," someone replied.

"Spray around the rim of toilet.

"It works I do it once a month.

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"Spray it under the rim and leave it for a while.

"I also do it to my waterfall taps, as the little grill gets blocked."

"Never heard of this before," the woman then replied.

"Sounds good though, I will try that."

Others shared their own different suggestions for getting rid of the stains, with Harpic Black being at the top of many people's lists.

"It is from the toilet blocks, as they come in different colours, and stain the toilet bowl," someone wrote.

"My partner use to put them all the time, and after I said it stains,and I can't clean it, he finally agreed to stop using them.

"So it will go away, but needs good soak with Harpic, and good scrub.

"Might take you a couple of gos."

"Empty the water out & use Coca-Cola & leave overnight it’ll shift the stains & really clean the bowl," another commented.

"Biological washing liquid (not powder it'll clog in cold water) – put it in the cistern overnight," a third wrote.

"Also put some in a spray bottle with warm water and spray round the toilet bowl and try to spray right around underneath the rim, where the water comes from.

"Leave overnight."

"Use the harpic in the black bottle and leave it for about 10 minutes before scrubbing the toilet bowel," someone else added.

"My toilet was like that til I used that harpic product."

"A good sprinkling of bicarb and vinegar and scrub with a green sponge scourer," another said.

Harpic Limescale remover in the Cistern and in the bowl," someone else wrote.

"It looks like there's a lot of limescale under the rim so you'd need to scrub it as well.

"Do it a few times.

"The Harpic will also give your cistern a bit of a clean."

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