How to keep cool in the heatwave – including putting your clothes in the freezer like Love Island’s Ovie Soko

THIS week, Brits are set to sizzle in the July heatwave as temperatures soar to a terrifying 39C in South East England.

And while most of us will be hiding in air-conditioned offices for the majority of the day – there will come a point where we have to leave work, head home and face the most uncomfortable sleep of our lives.

And while it might feel like there is nothing we can do except pray for at least a gentle breeze, there are ways to keep cool in the heat – and Love Island's Ovie Soku has come up with a brilliant one.

In last night's episode, the pro basket ball player was seen freezing his hat to stay chilled, as temperatures reached 34C at the Love Island villa.

It's a genius idea and the perfect way to cool off – in fact, if you want to be extra savvy in the heat, you could even freeze your bed sheets (if they'll fit) or your pillowcase.

But what else can you do to beat the heat? We've rounded up some hacks you might not have thought of, to see you through the next few days.

Don't eat too much protein

Scoffing down three chicken breasts and a steak might be a good for gains, but it's not going to do you any favours in the heat.

Sleep expert Dave Gibson recommends against it, explaining it can actually heat up your body by boosting your metabolic rate.

Added to that, it's best to eat small meals more often – the larger the meal, the more heat your body will produce while breaking it down.

Exercise in the morning

Exercising in the heat might be the last thing you want to do – but if you do want to maintain your normal routine, exercising before noon is a much better option.

For one, it's way cooler – for example, on Thursday there's a whopping 14C difference in temperature at 6am compared to 6pm – and added to that, it'll stop your body getting too hot before bed time.

Sleep in separate beds

Two people in a bed = twice as much body heat, so if you have a partner,  it makes sense to sleep apart for a few days.

With the heatwave set to interfere with sleep, it's worth sleeping apart on the hottest days.

Sleeping downstairs is a plus, as heat rises.

Use a wet flannel at night

Before you go to bed, wet a small flannel, pop it in the fridge for at least an hour and keep it next to your bed while you sleep.

You'll be surprised at how much it can help you stay cool throughout the night, just pop it on your forehead if you wake up in a sweat.

Spritz water on your skin throughout the day

Fill up an old perfume bottle – or buy a travel-sized spray bottle – with ice cold water and spray onto your face, neck and legs to stay cool throughout the day.

It also works at night, too – just spritz while you're drifting off or whenever you wake up.

Keep the curtains closed

You probably open your curtains before you leave your house for work each morning, but during the heatwave, it's best to keep them closed.

Having curtains closed and blinds down will block the sun's rays and keep your house cool.

And whatever you do, if you have a conservatory, keep the door to the house closed – otherwise you will return to a greenhouse.

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