Husband who couldn’t afford a fancy bar for his wife knocks one up inside a WARDROBE and it’s perfect for secret drinks

A DOTING husband made a fully functioning bar inside a wardrobe for his wife – so she doesn’t have to go far for a drink. 

Reed Wilks revealed he was refurbishing the house, and wife, Catherine, really wanted a bespoke bar. 

But the cabinets were a little on the pricey side, so Reed decided to buy an old wardrobe off Facebook marketplace and convert that instead.

When shut, the wardrobe looks like any other piece of furniture, but inside it’s been turned into a space rivalling Narnia, with a fully stocked bar, sink and fridge. 

Sharing his masterpiece on Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, Reed said: “We wanted a drinks cabinet in a room that we were refurbishing, as the cabinets were a lot of money to buy we decided to try and make one.

“Wardrobe off Facebook selling site sink fridge and taps off eBay and wood from DIY store.

“Quite enjoyed figuring out where to put everything including the sink drains etc.

“All seemed to work out well and, we don’t have to go too far for a drink.” 

Reed told Fabulous his wife was the mastermind behind the wardrobe-slash-bar, and he simply knocked it together.

He said: “My wife Catherine designed it and the room it is going in. 

“I just built it while in lockdown along with numerous other projects.” 

The project has racked up nearly 1,000 likes, as one person raved: “Wow that is fantastic. That could be the start of a business for you.”

Another wrote: “The adult version of the lion the witch and the wardrobe, excellent job.”

A third commented: “WOW!! Well done you, that’s amazing.”

While this person raved: “My fella reckons you’ve took the 2020 DIY ON A BUDGET trophy! Love it… so clever.”

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