I charge my hubby if he eats more than me and we brush our teeth with snow – we’re the world’s cheapest family & proud

A MUM has revealed how her family brush their teeth with snow and she even charges her husband if he eats more in a bid to save money.

Becky Guiles, 41, appears in the new TLC series So Freakin’ Cheap, and to being a cheapskate is no insult.

“I’ve always been pretty frugal,” said Becky, 41, who lives with her husband, Jay, 39, and sons George, 7 and Colden, 4.

“But when I had my first son, George, I left my business because I wanted to stay home with him. So, a lot of my philosophy is that saving money is the same thing as making money.”

Becky, who considers herself to be “the most frugal mom in America,” was making up to $35,000 (£25,000) a year walking and training dogs before George was born.

“In that first year, we ended up cutting our expenses so much that it made up for that income loss,” she said.

Now, she cuts the families expenses by cleaning her dishes in the washing machine alongside regular laundry (the clothing prevents the dishes from breaking, she insists); making her own light fixtures; using crumpled newspapers as wall insulation; using superglue to fix broken cabinets; and using wallpaper that she procured from a dumpster near a paint store.

She also never hires experts for repairs, etc. doing renovation projects herself.

Becky isn’t even prepared to pay for tap water, instead collecting snow from outside her home so that her family can brush their teeth and wash.

Speaking on the show she says: “Water from the sink actually costs money, down the street we have this really pretty creek which I would use but it’s frozen cause it’s freezing out.

“You can take anything in the entire world and I can figure out how to get it for 80-90 per cent off or even free.”

In fact Becky will do anything to save, even if it means charging her husband more.

Jay explains: “If we ordered say mozzarella sticks and there were four of them and I ate three, she ate one it’s like ‘Jay you’re paying 75 per cent.’”

Her friends and family view her relationship to money with a range of attitudes, she said.

“Some of them kind of raise an eyebrow to it, especially if they’re not used to my frugal ways. But my longtime friends and family think it’s great,” she said.

“[My husband] is frugal in the way that he’s a minimalist [and] doesn’t really care about a house looking cute and adorable. Whereas I want a home; I want it to look like something on Pinterest but I just don’t want to spend the money. So that’s a huge point of friction [between us] and it always has been.

“The good thing is that he’s a really laid-back guy and he goes with the flow up to a point and then just loses it — which you probably will see in the show at some point.”

This article was originally published on the New York Post and has been republished here with permission.

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