I clean people’s disgusting houses for free because I love it – one had piles of dishes which had been there two YEARS

SIX million people watched this cleaning fanatic and Tiktok user transform a filthy house into a tidy haven.

Tiktok user Auri, who is based in Finland, spends her spare time cleaning other people’s messy homes for free and she absolutely loves it.

People who follow Auri on Tiktok reach out to her to ask for help cleaning their homes, and Auri then completes the task.

She will drive for up up to seven hours to go to her clients' homes, just to help them.

Auri tackles houses that would be daunting for any cleaner and transforms them into fresh, clean spaces.

In her recent viral video, Auri explains why she does this work and – more shockingly – why she does it all for free.

Firstly, she jokes that she is “the best cleaner in the world”.

“Everybody likes doing what they are good at, right?”, she says.

Secondly, she explains the truly heart-warming explanation behind her work.

“I love helping others”, she explains. 

“It’s one of the greatest things in life, so I enjoy it!”

In one of her videos, she shows dirty dishes sitting on a bathroom floor next to a washing machine, surrounded by other debris.

She then reveals that these dishes had been left unwashed for two whole years, but she tackles the task without any complaints.

Other tasks that most people find revolting – like cleaning the toilet – are no problem for Auri, who has filmed herself cleaning other people's grimy loos. 

Commenters can’t believe the work that Auri does.

“I love how people feel you’re a safe person to ask for help from! Keep up the good work!”, said one impressed viewer.

Another wrote: “Your videos are so satisfying and motivational for me, and I love how you’re also helping people and giving them a fresh start.”

One commenter summarised: “We’ve found an angel with cleaning gloves here.”

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