I cleared the shelves in two Tesco stores and made £300 in just 30 minutes – it's so easy, anyone can do it | The Sun

A MAN has revealed the easy way he made a staggering £300 in just '30 minutes' after shopping in two different Tesco stores.

Jack Bayliss of Aftermarket Arbitrage told how he spotted that Tesco were flogging Casio calculators at the clubcard price of just £7.50.

The reseller, who claims to be the UK’s number one for Amazon FBA and earning money online, then cleared the shelves with a friend so he could sell them on Amazon for an impressive profit.

"I went into Tesco to find a lead for a calculator," he explains, in a clip shared to TikTok (@aftermarketarbitrage).

"I cleared the shelves of those then checked the one next to it which was also profitable – we picked up both types for £7.50 each."

He goes on to explain how he then went to the promotional end to check that no profits had been left behind.


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Determined to squeeze every profit possible, he then decided to visit another branch of Tesco just 10 minutes down the road.

Heading straight for the stationery aisle, he found another type of calculator with even greater profits.


"These cost £15 each so we copped every single unit of each type," he says.

Holding up the Casio FX-83GTX scientific calculator in black, he explains how they copped 20 of them at £2.27 profit each.

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He then says they nabbed 26 of the pink version for £6.27 profit each.

Not stopping there, he also bought two of the Casio FX-85GTX in black and made £6.53 profit each, and seven of the Casio Casion FX-85GTX in black at £10.97 profit each.

"All profits are after fees," he says.

"Total them up and that's how we made £300 in 30 minutes."

The post has since gone viral, racking up over 72k views and several likes.

But while one person commended 'great work,' others weren't quite so impressed.

"Taking calculators of school kids is actually embarrassing," wrote one.

A second penned: "There are kids that actually need those."

A third wrote: "You do know that there a school kids needing a calculator."

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