I constantly get told I'm a 'fraud’ because I do my makeup so well, yes I look totally different but I don't care

HAVING some makeup to hand is always great to help hide the under eye bags and patchy skin you may have. 

And many Brits will truly admit that they can’t live without it. 

But one makeup expert, who has a following of 55.2k on TikTok, has caused a big debate in her comments because of just how much she uses.

Some people have a problem, because she looks completely "different" and they were quick to comment on it too.

In one of her videos the woman, who goes by the name of daphnesierrat, films herself applying blusher to her cheeks. 

But from her previous videos people can’t believe that she is the same person, with some telling her to stop being a “fraud.” 


In one video, she shares a before and after video of her makeup transformation with another person's comment over the top. 

It read: “That’s exactly why make up should be illegal!!! IT’S FRAUD…mandatory 10yrs minimum if you ask me!” 

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However, the comment doesn’t seem to faze her.

Others support her with her transformation videos with one writing: “Go for it girl, and do your best.” 

In another video she shared, others were debating if she is even the same person. 

The makeup artist attempts to prove that she is the same person with and without makeup but some don’t believe it. 

One simply wrote: “Not the same room, not the same person.” 

Another added: “Trust issues.”

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