I could never wear a ponytail because of my widow's peak so tried henna on my forehead and was amazed | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has revealed her nifty trick to hide her widow’s peak hairline, which has given her the confidence to finally wear her mane up into a ponytail. 

The brunette beauty appeared on screen wearing a white jumper with a light brown outline as she held up a box of brown henna, which she bought on Amazon for just £6.64. 

“I have a confession to make,” she started her TikTok video. “I didn’t buy this henna brow tint to tint my brows… I bought it to colour my widow’s peak.” 

Izzy [@izzyshaus] then bent her head down and moved a grey band back to reveal her hairline, which she explained is in the shape of the letter M. 

“What is a widow’s peak, you ask? What is this hairline that is just the shape of an M – and mine is pretty intense,” she continued. 

Izzy then removed her jumper and took out a packet of the henna before scooping some out to create a liquid-paste mixture in a plastic container. 


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“There’s nothing wrong with a widow’s peak, but I feel like it’s kind of rare and I just wanted to make it look a little more normal – like a normal hairline,” she went on. 

Using Vaseline to carve out the area around her eyebrows, she then used a thin brush to apply the product over them. 

“I pencilled them in so straight,” she said, before moving onto the “big deal” moment of placing the henna in her hairline. 

“I just started going crazy on the widow’s peak. I just coloured that thing all the way in,” she said. “And I was shocked, I was not disappointed.”

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Posing with her dog, she then explained how she waited 15 minutes before wiping the henna off with a dark towel. 

After feeling “very pleased” with the brows, Izzy explained that she decided to do a second round with the widow’s peak. 

Smiling for the camera, she shared: “The smile says it all, this was lowkey a slay for me.” 

“I can finally wear ponytails now!!” she added in the caption.

People praised her inventive idea and flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “girl this is so smart I have been INFLUENCED thank you”. [sic] 

Another shared: “Shoot i have a widows peak as well (at least i think i do LOL) and definitely need to try this,” [sic] to which Izzy replied: “It was like $8 on Amazon and gives you 30 applications lasting 6 weeks… such a good deal and worth a try!”

A third said: “DAMN girl I need to do this!” while a fourth added: “I have such a strong widows peak from my dads side of the family and have always hated it so exited for this hack”. [sic]  

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