I dedicate my entire life to my man – people assume I can’t be fulfilled outside the home, they’re just jealous

A WOMAN has shared how she dedicates her life to her husband and slammed people who accuse her of not being completely fulfilled.

Madison Dastrup has never had a job or been to university, but instead dedicated her life to her husband after getting married at 19. 

She has embraced the TradWife movement, where wives do everything and their husbands are the main breadwinners.

In a recent TikTok video, Madison hit back at someone who said they weren’t jealous of her as she “dedicates her entire life to anything but her”.

The TradWife said: “Interesting. If you were so secure in your decision to work you wouldn’t be so offended by my content.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Many people supported her, with one saying: “It’s sad that women think raising children and loving their husband doesn’t include happiness for oneself.”

Madison’s happily ever after came to life when she got engaged at 18, and was married at 19.

By 21 Madison and her husband had moved into their first home together, welcoming their first daughter Ellie Louise that same year.

Madison now considers herself a homemaker, spending her days cooking, cleaning, sewing, mending, as well as taking care of the family finances and being a mum while her husband goes out to work.

Speaking on social media, Madison explains: “I always knew I wanted to be a homemaker.

“Cooking for (my husband) is my way of showing how much I appreciate all he does for our family and by cooking his favourite food it shows him I’m thinking of him.

“He will be able to come home and relax with a nice hot homemade meal.

“Being able to stay home and do little things to serve those around me brings me so much joy.”

Madison regularly shares snaps of her immaculate home on social media, but says it took a telling off from her husband to get to where she is today.

But Madison is more than happy to take a step back from the feminist movement, regularly  adding the hashtag #AntiFeminist to her posts.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she explains: “It took my husband telling me that I really need to step up, so don’t let it get to that point for you.



“But after he and I talked I realised that I needed to step up my game and ever since then I haven’t looked back, and I’ve really strived to be the wife and mom I’ve always wanted to be.”

The TradWife shares insights into her life on her TikTok channel, The Reserved Wife where she often receives criticism from feminists who claim she is going against women’s equality.

“I’m anti modern day feminism and support femininity,” she says on TikTok.

Interesting. If you were so secure in your decision to work you wouldn’t be so offended by my content.

“Modern day feminism is a joke.

“Feminism today actually goes against what feminists back in the day stood for. They think that masculinity is toxic and I refuse to be a part of that.”

Madison, who lives by the rule that if you don’t expect to cook then you shouldn’t expect your bloke to pay, also accuses modern feminists of being hypocritical.

She continues: “It’s always women support women until that woman wants to be a housewife or a stay at home mum, we all have different dreams and that’s perfectly OK.

“Your dream job could be my worst nightmare, the reality is not all of us care about how many degrees we have or how much money we make.

“Not all of us want to be CEOs or doctors and that doesn’t mean we’re wasting our potential.”

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